About The Sound Bath

The Sound Bath’s objective is to talk about, and listen to music, with particular emphasis on the human vocal instrument, in an informative, educational and questioning manner.


Angelina Kalahari, operatic soprano, performer, teacher, writer.


Photo by John Killingback




If you’d like to hear what Angelina sounds like, here are three arias:

Vissi d’arte from Tosca by Puccini 

O mio babbino caro from Gianni Schicchi by Puccini 

Rusalka’s song to the Moon from Rusalka by Dvorak 

*   *   *   *   *   *

The Sound Bath programmes are available here and on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thesoundbath


The Sound Bath programmes are recorded ’live’ – meaning not in a studio, and as Skype is often used to interview guests, you might experience some ambient noises and ‘echoey’ quality to the recordings. Please be so kind as to ignore those and instead, enjoy the content of the programmes.

Please remember that it is illegal to download music from here or from YouTube. It is better to support the artists by buying their music in stores or on Amazon or iTunes – that way we ensure they’ll be able to continue to make music for us in the future! 🙂


You can get in touch with your comments or any questions you might like to put to Angelina here or at thesoundbath@hotmail.co.uk.

You may also like to know that Angelina is the author of two novels, The Healing Touch, a romance with a twist and George And The Gargoyle Who Lived In The Garden, a magical adventure story for children aged 9 – 12. You can find out more about her books, her writing and how to purchase them here: http://angelinakalahari.com/

120 Responses to About The Sound Bath

  1. juneauxena says:

    THRILLED that you are doing this!! Congratulations. I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ll have to say about the astonishing Adam Lambert.

    • SharonS says:

      Angelina is such an interesting person and I look forward to listening to what she has to say about our beloved Adam Lambert once again. She’s such a professional and has a beautiful spirit.

  2. Etty says:

    I really can’t wait to hear this tonight. Every time you speak about Adam Lambert and his incredible voice, I’m captivated!

  3. Vera Nadeina says:

    SO looking forward for tonight show!!! 🙂

  4. Susie says:

    I am really looking forward to this 🙂 No pressure then on you! Oh It’ll be great I know it.

  5. Lucy says:

    I can’t wait for this. Should be a nice treat whilst I complete my English coursework to hear about our Adam’s awesome voice on the radio 🙂


  6. mahailia says:

    Yea! I found you, listening now!

  7. galere says:

    Listening now, too!

  8. Jeffrey Lau says:

    Hi Angelina, thanks for your sms and trying to get into your radio. Jeff.

  9. Lucy says:

    ❤ Mr Lambert ❤

    Great show so far…listening intently 🙂 ❤ Falling further in love.

  10. galere says:

    ‘Time for Miracles’ – all the artists I love have had a ‘perfect note’ moment for me, and with Adam it’s those three extraordinarily high, precise beats of ‘Baby love’ that come in after the super-dramatic bridge and drum roll. When this song comes on in my car (where the CD is on repeat anyway!) I always have to play it at least twice!

  11. RoRo says:

    Started listening just in time to hear Broken Open, one of the most beautiful songs out there and one of my faves from the “For Your Entertainment” album. Thanks!

  12. xof1013 says:

    I’m happy to hear that you are sharing Adam with your listeners. Wish I had known before a few mins ago – I hate that I missed the opening of this show. Any podcasts available to listen later? Tks. xof

  13. mahailia says:

    I KNEW YOU WOULD PLAY SOAKED!!!! And yes, New Orleans concert was totally fabulous!! Loving this so far, great job!

  14. galere says:

    Soaked. Yep, cried again…

  15. Lucy says:

    Thank you for those tunes, Etty! Cried during Aftermath, Soaked and Broken Open.

    NORTHERN IRELAND 🙂 i live there 🙂

  16. sheba says:

    GREAT show. LOve and agree with it all. Adam lambert iS ONE of a kind and have an amazing talent and voice. I saw him 4 times and when listening to GNT dvd I am wishing I can see him again SOON. I am very excited for his new CD. I know it will be amazing and he will showcase n=more of his incredible voice. Thank you for your thuoghts of Adam. I enjoyed listening to you very much.

  17. Susie says:

    A good job! Loved the choice of songs to reflect Adam’s vocal range.
    Excellent presentation too Angelina 🙂

  18. Lucy says:

    Angelina, I’m so happy I listened. It’s not every day I get a treat like this in Northern Ireland and that I get to hear Adam on the radio. My friends hear whataya want from me all the time on the radio, but me, the true Glambrit, never hears it. I love the technicalness of Adam’s vocal abilities. As a musician, I too have experience with singing, but my primary instrument in the bassoon and I play bits and pieces on piano, so I loved the bit on classical musicianship as well. Very well done.


  19. galere says:

    I really enjoyed this, and stayed tuned for Mendelssohn which was another great pleasure. Thank you! 🙂

  20. juneauxena says:

    Loved it! Thanks so much Angelina, perfect song selections and your enthusiasm is infectious!


  21. mahailia says:

    Great programme, Angelina, loved all the songs you selected, and all you said! Hope Adam gets some new fans because of your presentation.
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  22. mahailia says:

    Haaa! mywordradio is currently playing Voodoo, by Adam Lambert @ 5:40 CST, USA

  23. mahailia says:

    Now they are playing Soaked! Are they playing the whole album?

  24. soundbath says:

    Wow, thanks everyone for dropping by, for your support and for leaving such wonderful comments for me – I’m soooo thrilled you liked the programme! In fact, the radio peeps liked it so much, they’re going to broadcast it again at 10:00pm UK time every day for 1 week – I can scarcely believe it and I do hope it means more fans for Adam, especially here in the UK! So if you missed anything or you just want to hear his incredible voice again on radio, you can catch it again! They’ll also be playing tracks from his album throughout the week, but unfortunately I don’t know the exact times for those.

    In two weeks’ time, I’ll do it again and hopefully, you’ll all like that programme as much as you liked this one!

    Thanks again! xx

  25. glamity58 says:

    Hello Angelina:

    I tried to comment but I think it didn’t post. I hope this isn’t redundant. I’m in Wisconsin and we’ve talked before by chat. I missed the show because my work schedule doesn’t jive with UK time. I’m not sure what time 10:00 p.m. is in the USA vs. UK time. I’m so glad I can hear it another day. I love hearing a professional talk about the nuances of the human singing voice. Lambert is a great person to dissect. I can’t wait to hear the music and listen to you talk. Thanks for doing this for Adam and his fans. Talk to you again…..

    Janet Bilicki (Milwaukee, WI)

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Janet,

      How lovely of you to pop by here – not redundant at all! Sorry you missed the show, but you can catch it again – it’s now 5:15pm here, which should be 11:15am there – I guess it means you can catch the show again at 4pm your time? We only have one time-zone here, not like you guys!

      Thanks for your great comments – I look forward to chatting with you again soon.

  26. glamity58 says:

    Now if I could figure out how to listen to the broadcast! I was hoping it was taped but I guess I’ll have to wait for actual show times.

  27. cassie says:

    Brava, Angelina! Great choice of songs to introduce folks to Adam’s remarkable voice and his ability to cross genres successfully while maintaining his classical approach and training. Within a program of less than an hour you were able to cover many aspects of Adam’s voice and performance that make him compelling: his energy, drama, comfort and mastery of the stage, his ability as a story teller, his ability to excel in live performance when most pop stars rely on all kinds of studio tricks and manipulations, how his voice envelops you when you experience it live, and his fearlessness in putting all of himself into his performances.
    You are correct that Adam cannot be compared to other artists because he is in a league of his own. I hope your prediction of him changing the face of music comes true.
    And, you and I will hold out the hope that one day Adam will again sing opera!

  28. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the great show, Angelina!

    I was unable to listen to your show last night. Therefore, it is wonderful to be able to listen to it tonight. I really enjoyed your show and your expert opinions on Adam’s voice and music! Thank you! xx

  29. cassie says:

    Too add to my previous lengthy comment, Angelina, please try and convince the powers that be with the radio station to archive this for further reference. I run into people all the time who have no idea who Adam Lambert is, or know him only vaguely from the celebrity media. They don’t “get” why I am so enamored with him and his voice. It would be perfect to refer them to this broadcast and tell them, “Just listen to him sing, and listen to Angelina’s comments.”

  30. soundbath says:

    Thanks sooo much Cassie and Tracy for listening tonight and for taking the time to leave your lovely and much appreciated comments here! Really glad you could come along! Great idea of yours to the radio guys, Cassie – crossing fingers for that myself! xx

  31. dylangirl says:

    Hi Angelina,
    I’m so very happy you decided to do this. I listened last night and was just enthralled by all that you said. The choices of songs you made to showcase Adam’s voice were just so perfect. I look forward to listening to it for a second time. Thank you.

  32. magsmagenta says:

    I finally managed to listen to it, what a fantastic programme, I always have so much trouble explaining why I love Adams voice so much because I don’t have the vocabulary, but you just did it for me 🙂

  33. kumulus says:

    Hi from the U. S.! This sounds like a great program for sure!! I def want to catch it and am really looking forward to hearing you talk about the technical aspects of Adam’s singing. Someone mentioned about Adam singing opera – I’ve always wanted to hear him sing with Andrea Bocelli.

    Is there any chance there could be a link on your site in order to listen to the program at any time? You will gets hits, I guarantee it! lol Or even put it on YouTube?

    FYI for those listeners in the U. S. – I’m in CST U. S. and London is just 6 hours ahead of us. So 5:00p CST here = 11:00p London

    Thank you for doing this program!

  34. soundbath says:

    Thanks dylangirl, magsmagenta and kumulus for popping by – really great to hear from you guys and sooo happy you enjoyed the show!

    Yup, Cassie and I both also hope that one day Adam would sing just a little bit of opera, kumulus, or even anything classical will do, maybe for charity – and with Andrea Bocelli…? Might be too much to handle!

    A YouTube link will shortly be available here, too, so thanks for the vote of confidence re: the hits! And thanks also for the time info – much appreciated!


  35. kumulus says:

    Will it be on at that same time on the weekend? Thank you.

  36. Carly says:

    just got a listen angelina! brava, i thoroughly enjoyed your insights (as always) and perspective on adam and his magic. song choices were simply transporting. i don’t know how many times i’ve heard these but never tire of them. i think it’s the engagement with imaginative elements of mind/body/soul that keeps adam’s voice/music so fresh. look forward to more of these moments with you (and him!) 🙂

  37. debbielynn says:

    Hello Angelina yesterday I was able to listen to your program
    I have to say you moved me to tears for you really do get Adam
    You tapped into his heart and soul
    Thank you for your amazing perspective not only on Adam’s vocals
    But also on Adam himself, the amazing beautiful person he is
    Soaked is my favorite song by Adam, he bares his heart and soul in this song
    When you played TFM I lost it there too, Adam has a way of transporting
    Us exactly into the place and moment he is singing from
    Once again Angelina thank-you so very much for you insight
    Along with sharing the beautiful talent of Adam Lambert
    I look forward to listening again today

    • soundbath says:

      Hi debbielynn,

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. I think it’s easy to get Adam because he opens himself up to us so completely and there is something so trusting and wonderous in that – I think it’s a big part of why he’s so inspirational, don’t you think? xx

  38. Etty says:

    I haven’t got round to commenting since listening to the show, but I’m finally here to say how fabulous it was. I expected nothing less from you Angelina, expect it was of course way too short for my taste! All the music choices were great but Time for Miracles was a superb choice, it’s a song that never really got the credit it deserved.

  39. Joan Kay says:

    Angelina a Big thank you for deciding to do this show . There are no words to describe the joy and the tears you have given me and so many Adam fans worldwide.
    I would also like to thank you for giving all Adam fans your great professional insight into Adams vocal ability .
    Your song choices where superb just wished they had put TFM at the start of the movie so everyone would have heard Adam’s fantastic vocals . x

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Joan,

      Lovely to hear from you here – thank you ever so much for your lovely words. You’re right about TFM! It shouldn’t have disappeared under the radar like that, right?! xx

  40. Tess McGinnis says:

    Thanks for the educational piece on Mr. Lambert, and the songs exemplifying your point. I also appreciate your erudite “History of Music”, so that I now have a better appreciation for why music moves us so, and why Adam has such a profound effect on our psyche, for everything that he does vibrates all aspects of our being, so that what we hear and see, is received by us body and soul. No wonder people speak of his transformative power to move us elementally and completely. You have explained this mystery so well that this student is left wanting more education from such a teacher as yourself. Because you are renowned in the classical arts, and because you awaken in us this understanding of a basic need for the part of our psyche to be stimulated with the type of music few people of Mr. Lambert’s caliber can produce, I wonder if you could do us a favor by intervening in our behalf. That is, if you could open the doors for Mr. Lambert to a musical vein you have opened up in here to make happen a Classical Adam Lambert program either on your show or on a wider venue with you as producer. The world community of music lovers (all of us, not just fans of Mr. Lambert) would benefit immensely, as more than ever our world needs quickly the healing, soothing properties of such an instrument as Mr. Lambert possesses. If as they say “music has charms to soothe the savage beast” the multitude of beasts that inhabit the earth, would be well served to be charmed by our muse. Please, please consider this proposal for the sake of humankind. Because methinks Adam, with all his talented bravado, has a certain amount of shyness in self-promotion. Thanks for opening this girl’s eyes, er, ears.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Tess,

      Thank you for your great comments and for taking the time also to read my blog! I’m thrilled!

      Your request is a delicious teaser and certainly worth pondering – thanks for the idea!

  41. Lee says:

    Heard Part 1 on YouTube – searching for the rest! Adam’s just a phenomenal singer – thank you so much for doing this.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Lee, so glad you enjoyed part 1 of the programme!

      If you go back to part 1 and look on the LH side above the YT vid you’ll find an arrow-type button. Click on that and The Soundbath’s vids will come up – listen to parts 2 – 4 for Adam and part 5 for Elizabeth Dockrell-Tyler, which is the entire programme from 12 April.

      Have fun!

  42. mahailia says:

    OH, I am missing part of this. 4:15 p.m. CDT, US, and Broken Open is playing now, I missed the intro and the first two songs! Is the program starting earlier now?

  43. Kat says:

    thank you for bringing sweet ‘Adam’ music to our ears , in the two years since we first heard of him -nobody has come close to excite me about music in any way- like Mr Adam Lambert does !

  44. soundbath says:

    Thank you so very much to everyone who listened and took the time to pop on here to leave your wonderful comments – I can’t tell you how much it means that you’re all so supportive of what I’m trying to do for Adam in the UK – crossing fingers that it works! xx

  45. glamity58 says:

    I can’t wait to hear all the music on this radio show. I will enjoy it when my house is quiet and no one is around. I’m sure I’ve heard all the selections more than a dozen times, especially “Come to Me, Bend to Me” from Brigadoon. I started googleing and You Tubing Adam right after he was on American Idol. If you didn’t have it on the radio show (I haven’t had the time to listen yet), please everyone check out “Heaven on Their Minds” from Jesus Christ Superstar. It is brilliant (if you like riffs) and Adam has said he’d love to perform in a rock-type musical. He does this song so well. I also love “I Just Love You,” from Five for Fighting. It is better than the original. Thanks.

    • magsmagenta says:

      I would love to hear Angelinas assessment of My Conviction from Hair, it just sounds amazing to me.

      • soundbath says:

        Hi Magsmagenta,

        Thanks so much for posting Adam’s version of My Conviction here – I’ve listened to it a number of times – it’s an experience, isn’t it?

        A radio programme about musicals have actually been planned for, and I would love to talk about Adam’s contribution then, too, and include this particular song, so I trust you’ll understand that it would probably be a good idea to keep my comments for the programme. But if, after the programme, you feel I haven’t touched on whatever questions you might have wanted answered, I’d be more than happy to comment on it then. I trust that’s acceptable?


      • magsmagenta says:

        Of course that’s acceptable, I’m really pleased you’re including it, I had never heard this song before I found this you-tube of it, and then my jaw dropped when I heard it. I’ve searched other versions including other professional versions and none of them come close to what Adam did with it. It’s such a short song and an amateur audio recording but it’s all the more amazing for it. I just wonder how many exceptional performances of his have gone unrecorded.

  46. mahailia says:

    I’m here again, I can’t get enough of this wonderful program showcasing the music and artistry of Adam Lambert!
    The reason I am so impressed with your program is because most of us who love Adam’s music only know that his voice is beautiful and his music touches our soul, but we don’t know why. We know that he is a great vocalist and artist, but you have been able to explain this in not only glowing terms, but also with a huge amount of technical expertise, credibility and artistry, because of your background. “You get him” as we would say! Your credentials as a classical singer and vocal coach add tremendous weight to what you say about Adam. People are impressed that a classically trained opera singer would recognize, acknowledge, and speak about the vocal mastery of Adam. The selection of songs you used, and the way your presented his music from the musical theatre number “Come to Me, Bend to Me” and progressing through the other gendres of music that Adam sings in the songs you played, is a wonderful “primer” as an introduction to Adam, and many fans are looking for something they can give to non-fans to get them interested in Adam – this program is the perfect way to do that, and everyone is loving it. Fans know Adam’s songs and background, but they don’t have the ability or the verbiage to describe his artistry, and many are facinated by the technical, but really more artistic descriptions you have used in presenting this selection of Adam’s vocal and artistic mastery.

    • soundbath says:

      Wow, malhailia, thank you so much for your great comments!

      I’m particularly thrilled that my programme is something fans can use to introduce others to Adam’s amazing talent – I had not thought of the programme as being a tool for fans to use themselves, so I can’t thank you enough for letting me know this!

      Many, many thanks again.

  47. Etty says:

    Angelina, I missed the 3 May programme. Will it be broadcast again?

  48. Susie says:

    I have listened again tonight and loved it. I find it definitely is better for a second hearing as I can absorb more of what you are trying to impart about music and the voice.
    I keep writing and deleting my sentences !
    I loved the way you draw the two types of singing together – opera and rock. Both give me pleasure. Though Adam more so as his understanding of how a song should/could be sung is unique.
    I look forward to another broadcast – I love learning 🙂

  49. Etty says:

    I listened tonight to the 2nd show. In addition to all the fascinating things you say, what a joy to hear ‘One’ again and to listen with a new perspective! I haven’t heard it for quite a long time and had forgotten how exquisite and how moving his voice is on that song. I know this may sound dramatic but sometimes his voice is so beautiful it hurts!
    Thanks Angelina for another brilliant show! I will never tire of Adam’s voice and I’ll never tire of hearing you talk about it.

    • soundbath says:

      Thanks so much Susie and Etty, for your lovely comments here – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. And Etty, it’s not dramatic at all to say his voice is so beautiful it hurts! It’s a perfect way of putting it, because it’s true!

  50. holst says:

    Hi Angelina,

    Thanks so much for your terrific programs. I wonder if you ever have seen the following review of Adam on Idol by opera pros in San Diego? It was published during the run of the show. Your opinion?


    I’m so glad you played Ring of Fire. That was a jaw-dropping performance in many ways. At the time, I listened to both the live performance and studio version over and over, each time focusing on his technique and interpretation (didn’t watch the video much until later). I do like the live version better for it’s energy (as do many of us fans) and because of his voice placement in a few spots. I got so curious about his musical training and wondered if he had a degree in music because of the beauty and “fittingness” of the melodic ornaments. Everything fits in the correct mode (scale), which is not one commonly used in Western music.

    Also, I’m listening to the YouTube version of your show (WWL, etc.). Is there anywhere I can listen to it with better sound quality? Both of your programs so far have a real echoey sound on YT and I can’t get the full effect.


    • soundbath says:

      Hi holst,

      Thank you so much for listening to my programmes and for your lovely comments. Thanks, too, for the article – someone else also forwarded it to me a little while ago. It’s interesting that opera professionals take what Adam does with his voice seriously, but they’re not the only ones – around me, many of my colleagues are enamoured with Adam’s voice – and, I might add, not a little jealous! Only kidding, but he really does understand and know his voice in a way that is uncommon to most singers, and that is partly what voice professionals find so intriguing – especially because his voice is hard to classify, although, if I had to be pressed into making a classification, I’d say he is a kind of Leggiero tenor. But I agree that there are darker baritone-type qualities in his voice and that is likely one of the reasons for the many harmonics in his voice – he seems to be able to pull the higher harmonics down whilst simultaneously pulling the lower ones up – astonishing! Can’t wait for his voice to mature! Although completely LOVE how it sounds now as well!

      Thanks for your comments about Ring of Fire – it’s one of my favourites too – and you’re right about his usage of the notes from the Arabic-sounding Harmonic Minor scale in there – it’s really difficult for most singers whose voices are not used to singing in that way and I’m guessing it’s not something Adam does every day either – that’s why it’s so astonishing! I chose the recording only because it showcases those notes a little better than in any other version I’ve come across. But I do not believe he has a degree in music – he clearly has a fantastic ear and the best vocal instrument in the world with which to execute what he hears!

      My programmes are being recorded ‘live’ – meaning not in a studio, which accounts for the echoey sound, but we’re working on that. In the meantime, you might find listening to the mp3s a bit better – you can find the little mp3 icon near Adam’s picture at the top of the pages for each of the shows featuring his voice. I’ll add some text there to make it clearer.


      • holst says:

        Hi again. I just finished listening to your YouTube broadcast with “Cassie.” Very well done. And the sound quality was excellent (see my concern in my previous post). So I plugged my computer into my stereo system and enjoyed the full sound. Don’t you wish there were a better quality recording of the “Come Home” performance? I hadn’t listened to it for a long time–so brilliantly done.

        And B&W I watched it many times and the only word for that is “fierce.” Actually, I purchased all the AI recordings and videos on iTunes when Adam was on it but never saw many of the live shows. So I was falling head over heels for the performances (I didn’t even notice his good looks at first–just the voice), not having seen any of the judges comments or backstory segments. So when I finally saw internet comments about his personality and sweetness, etc., I had no idea what fans were talking about. Of course I looked into it, and that was the end of being a normal fan. It’s just what you and Cassie were saying–there is something else besides the singing that communicates with the audience.

  51. Susie says:

    I was reading again earlier today the piece you wrote – ‘Broken Open’ on Adam Lambert. (sorry it’s not the full title) I dont know why I hadnt noticed before but you mention Jussi Bjorling. A piece he did years ago which I fell in love with and now have on my ipod, the duet – The Pearl Fishers (Au font du Temple Saint) with Robert Merrill. I think I first heard it 35 years ago ! – but it is so moving and fills me with the same feelings as listening to Adam 🙂

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Susie,

      Thank you so much for sharing your love of Jussi Bjorling with me – he has been a favourite of mine also for many years and I too, love his voice in the duet from The Pearl Fishers – a testament to the power of music, and our affinity with the human vocal instrument.

  52. galere says:

    Really enjoyed listening to you and Christine tonight. It was beautifully thought through, interesting, informative and delivered with your usual grace. A lovely end to a long day, thank you!

    • soundbath says:

      Hi galere,

      Thank you so much for listening and for taking the time to come here to let me know that you’d enjoyed the programme – I really do appreciate it very much, and also your very kind compliments. Thank you!

  53. cassie says:

    After the program ended I heard this beautiful soprano voice. Lilting and soaring, and so full of emotion. Natural, not pretentious. The type of operatic soprano I most love. Who IS that? Why, it is Angelina, of course. Please, put a link to that somewhere. I want to hear it again!

  54. cassie says:

    Some people do not understand why I am so entranced with Adam Lambert. I tell them about THE VOICE, the technique, the ability to cross genres, but there is so much more. Your program tonight was a discussion about what makes a singer a masterful communicator and performer. As I listened, I thought, from beginning to end, “She is describing Adam!” Whether or not that was your intent, nothing I have read or heard has articulated so clearly what I find so appealing about Adam. From now on, when people ask me, I’ll just refer them to this program. (And not because I was part of the program. Honest. Because your insight into what makes a great singer was so on point.)

    Thanks for sharing, and for inviting me to be a part of it!

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Cassie,

      How can I begin to thank you for your wonderful words, and for helping me to make such a fabulous, enjoyable programme? Working with you was indeed a lovely and satisfying experience!

      So many people have commented on how interesting and informative the programme was and how your contribution, wisdom and insights have helped them to view their own communication in a different light. So thank you for joining me, for your energy, and for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

      You’re right of course, the points I mentioned were not intended to describe Adam necessarily – I was using my personal experience of opera singers, but even as the words left my lips, I realized that in fact, everything I was saying was also completely true when directed at Adam, so I’m not surprised that you thought the same thing. What does surprise me is that someone who is as passionate about Adam’s voice as I am, someone as erudite and articulate as you, would be happy to refer people to this programme when asked about Adam. That’s the highest compliment – thank you most sincerely!

      And wow! Thanks for your lovely words also about my own singing – I was rather surprised to hear one of my arias immediately after our programme and somewhat disconcerted to be following Adam, I must confess! 🙂

  55. joan says:

    Thank you once again for a fantastic show! I will surely be listening to it repeatedly to take it all in…..your descriptions of Adam making every one feel safe happy and relaxed plus is great showmanship and presence .

  56. mahailia says:

    Angelina, you have presented another stellar program! I really enjoyed all the information, and I loved the selection of music you played.
    This one I will need to listen to several times in order to understand it all.
    Brilliant, and I also loved hearing everything that Christine said!
    Thanks for the great program.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Mahailia,

      Thank you so very much for your lovely comments and compliments – so happy that you liked the programme. I really appreciate that you took the time to tell me.

      Thanks! xx

  57. dylangirl says:

    It was the greatest pleasure to finally hear your beautiful voice.
    Another great enlightening broadcast. Loved your guest and the ease at which both of you conversed and laughed. It is incredible that you worked together for 8 years and still, as you said, she told you things you did not know.
    I am still listening at what is 11:45 PM your time…..is that you singing during this portion as well? Simply beautiful. Your voice during the live broadcast was exquisite.
    I love how Elizabeth said “The piano is not enough”……I would never have even thought along those lines, but I definitely can see what she means.
    She had so many good quotes…..”If you can’t see it, you can feel it”
    I’m paraphrasing here, but love the discussion on the following as well…… “Mid-life they disappear, retreat in to a cave, to come back stronger……an earlier life clone….going back to yourself” As far as an artist doing that I can see how that can happen…so many have done so.
    Thanks again for another wonderful show and I look forward to many more.

  58. soundbath says:

    Hi dylangirl,

    Thank you so much for your fantastic, generous, and most kind comments about my voice and also about my show – I appreciate enormously that you took the time to leave such lovely comments here. I believe the radio peeps continued to play a few of my tracks after the show, although I’d gone by then, so yes, it was me singing.

    Yes, it was illuminating indeed to have this opportunity to chat to Elizabeth, because when we’re working together, we’re usually only focussing on the music we’re performing. So it was fascinating to hear what it feels like to be an accompanist and the multi-tasking that goes on – I had an inkling obviously, but didn’t realize just how much of it there was! It gave me an even greater appreciation for her and every other accompanist I’ve ever worked with!

    You’re right, the continuous ‘having-to-face-yourself’ that all artist experience, manifests itself in strange ways sometimes – it’s just the nature of the beast, right?!

  59. cassie says:

    Ah, it is finally on YT. I subscribe to the channel and got notification the minute it posted. As a pianist and a singer, I enjoyed listening to the latest program. The highlight for me was the sample of an accompanist banging out the part, and, later. artistically, lyrically playing it. What a huge difference! In the first example, the piano forced the singer into a lock step style allowing for little interpretation or finesse. The piano literally hijacked the singer and I could hear the singer fighting to hold her own. The second version was a beautiful, lyrical duet, each artist inspiring the other to new heights and depths of interpretation and nuance. Pure joy to listen to. I would even go as far as to say that your voice sounded much freer, more relaxed, and all round BETTER in that version. I never would have thought that an accompanist could so sabotage or enhance a singer’s performance.

    The other point that intrigued me was the discussion of an artist moving beyond mastery of the material and the technique, to finding their distinct vision and identity. I think it is akin to what you wrote earlier about a singer having to face that barrier, an internal struggle against an obstacle, and as a result, maturing as a true artist. The vulnerability, the pain, the courage and the honesty one must experience to arrive at that place of authentic and creative performance that resonates with listeners.

    You show great depth and courage to share these things with us. Listening to your program, it is obvious that there is so much more to being a singer and an artist. Ironic, isn’t it, that when an artist reaches that point in their art where it is free and soaring, individual, yet touching on the commonality of human emotion, where all the elements come together, THAT is when the listener thinks, “Oh, that sounds so easy and effortless. Obviously, anyone can sing.” True artistry comes when the artist so inhabits the music that we don’t see or hear all the hard work, all the strings being pulled, all the subtle manipulation of tone, timbre, line, lyric, tempo, diction, and interpretation…. it truly is like magic. The music just appears out of thin air, and lifts us up. Thank you for the insight on what it takes to perform at that level of artistry.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Cassie,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments – I’m particularly glad you were able to listen to the programme, because I knew you’d most likely be interested in what it’s like for the accompanist, being a singer yourself.

      You’re right, though – I guess people don’t usually think of the impact of the accompanist on the singer, but it can be enormous, and I’m thrilled our little demonstration was able to shed some light on the experience. But that is exactly the reason why a real partnership is so precious between the singer and the accompanist and why once such a partnership has been forged, it often spans their entire performing lives. (BTW conductors of orchestras can be equally influential on the singer’s performance! 🙂 )

      I LOVE what you said in your last paragraph, too, about the fact that once the artist has had the courage to go through the pain barriers and almost be ‘re-born’ as their true creative selves in order to give themselves to their art and their audiences, that’s when it seems almost too easy to those who have not shared that experience. Your insights, as always, are illuminating and enormously appreciated, so thanks again for popping by!

  60. cassie says:

    Just finished listening to your latest program about Adam’s lyrics. I was so deeply touched. After the discussion of Aftermath, when you played Adam’s quote about wanting to do something for the Trevor Project, and then transitioned into the remix I broke out in tears. There was something so joyously celebratory about the track in light of the in depth discussion of the lyrics and intent of the song. Perfect to lift up those kids (and adults) going thru a difficult time. Please post a download link to this program, as I want to listen to it again, and share it with others. It is a treasure!

    • soundbath says:


      Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the programme and commenting here. Your words totally resonate with me. The audio/video downloads are now available here. Thank you again for your kind compliments. xx

  61. magsmagenta says:

    I’m feeling a little overwhelmed so I’ll have to come back and comment properly 🙂 But that was a brilliant programme, I’m always so angry when people say that Adam can’t write songs when the best ones on his album were at least co-written by him. Also this shows exactly why we as fans are so defensive of him, because he comforts us so much in his songs and also in his interviews that we can’t stand to see him hurt and want to protect him from every hurtful comment. At least that’s how I feel 🙂

    • soundbath says:

      Thanks Mags, for your lovely compliment – I LOVED making this programme with the brilliant Philippa.

      I completely agree with you: Adam somehow inspires intense loyalty from his fans – a wonderful thing, especially in today’s throw-away-world.

      Like you, I’m astonished when he’s slated for not playing an instrument – his VOICE is his instrument – or when he’s criticized for not writing songs, because as you say, the best ones on his first album – which he only had around two months to complete – are the ones on which he’d co-written. And it’s so obvious that he’s an extremely intelligent and ‘wordy’ guy, right? It’s there for all to see in his many interviews – little wonder then that his lyrics are so clever and meaningful. I’m so looking forward to hearing the lyrics (and the music, and his voice!) on his next album, because he’s had more time with it and has apparently had a bigger hand in the writing of it.

  62. N. D. Mite says:

    WOW… Thank you for such an in depth look at Adam’s songs. Your show was “spot on” As you Brits would say. Beautifully done, you captured the essence of Adam. With him it is ALL about the positive message. The way you delved deep into the lyrics was such a great way to really see what Adam is saying.
    When coupled with the AMAZING voice that he has, and the phrasing, I think some people don’t really LISTEN to the words. I myself was drawn to that magical voice and THEN into the words that carry oh so much power. As others have said I also was moved to tears hearing those beautiful songs, even though I have heard them COUNTLESS times.
    Yes, thank you for pointing out in such a wonderful way that Adam is SO MUCH MORE than a beautiful voice. Even more than his STUNNING GOOD LOOKS!
    Adam has a message, and for all who care to accept it, it is a better world. You ladies have “got” it, as do so many fans. Thank you for articulating what we know is true:
    Adam is beautiful inside and out, and my world is a better place because of him. And now because of you, so THANKS! 🙂

    • soundbath says:

      Hi N. D. Mite,

      Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and compliments. Yes, Adam is so much more than his looks, his style, his voice, his superb techniques and masterful performance skills. For those of us who care to look, like you say, we receive his message, too. And what a message it is – at a time when the world needs it, right?

  63. holst says:

    Angelina, I loved the discussion you and Philippa had. Her readings of the lyrics was kind of astonishing. I know the lyrics, but hearing them read so beautifully was so different from hearing the song. The analysis was terrific, and I loved how it seemed as though you were learning along with the rest of us.

    Both of these songs have been recorded in at least two versions, and I’m curious what Phillippa’s opinion would be musical setting. As you probably know, many fans who were not crazy about the album versions of Aftermath or Broken Open, loved the live performances, which were totally different from the recorded versions. I, personally, am overwhelmed by the album version of Broken Open. Listening with headphones feels like an other-worldly experience because the sound swirls from side to side. I also love the electronic sounds with only a bit of piano tossed in. I think the song and that production of it are genius. When the album was first released, I became a sobbing mess when I first heard that song–even though I couldn’t really tell what a lot of the words were. Just the sounds were enough to affect me.

    Looking forward to more of your shows.

    • soundbath says:

      Thanks ever so much for your wonderful comments, Holst – it’s great to hear from you.

      As a singer myself, I’m used to analysing in depth the lyrics of music, but finally, most singers, myself included, come to an interpretation of the lyrics with which we can resonate most strongly – it’s often very personal and not always exactly what the writer may have had in mind – that’s why the same songs can be sung by so many different people, and hopefully, sound so different, much like actors do with plays, or dancers do with ballets.

      Philippa, being not a musician, but an expert in analyizing words, I felt, allowed us to look at Adam’s lyrics in a deeper, more academic way, so yes, you’re right: I too learned something, and it was a great joy indeed, to discover ideas I had not thought of before.

      Our agreement was that I would then discuss the music, but because I wanted the listeners of our programme to hear more of what Philippa had to say, I edited most of myself out, so that my few interjections act as prompts only, and hopefully, reflect how our audience may have wanted to react. This way, I felt, everyone would get the chance to share most of what we’d recorded of Philippa’s analysis.

      Luckily, we happily agreed on looking at both Aftermath and Broken Open. And I agree with you about the production of Broken Open on the album – when I first heard it, it hit me with that force you described. Being what scientists call a synesthete, I am exceptionally sensitive to sound, and the colours and shapes it creates, and therefore, I have been an avid defender of the album from those who insist that it’s over-produced. It is also the reason I cannot listen to it whilst I’m driving! 🙂

  64. Susie says:

    Beautifully presented program. Both you and Philippa did Adam justice. I so hope others listen to this and realise what Adam is trying to share with us all. Thank you

  65. Toni in San Diego says:

    Thanks to you and Philippa for an extraordinary show. Absolutely brilliant!

  66. soundbath says:

    Hi Susie and Toni,

    Thank you ever so much for taking the time to come here and leave your lovely comments – I’m thrilled that you listened to the show and that you liked it!

    Susie, I agree with you: I so hope that others, too, discover the wonderful and oh so important message that Adam is sharing with us all in such an astonishing way!

  67. SharonS says:

    Angelina please check you twitter I sent you a video asking your opinion on the vocalist. He’s amazing. But want to know your technical opinion. thanks

  68. Adam4ever says:

    Angelina, thank you for your article about Adam Lambert. Are you going to write about his extraordinary performance with Queen at the EMAs? I am looking forwards to hearing your comments about it. Thanks.

  69. soundbath says:

    HI SharonS, thanks for alerting me to the tweet you’d sent me – I’ve responded there, too – if you could please bear with me as I’m inundated with students’ exams and auditions right now, I will get back to you about your request! 🙂

    Adam4ever, thanks ever so much for your lovely comment, and absolutely, yes, I am going to create a programme about Adam’s amazing performance at the EMAs, but again, if you could please bear with me for just a little longer, I’d be most grateful. 🙂

    • glamity58 says:

      Hello Angelina. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I look forward to your show on Adam Lambert and his perfomance with Queen if you truly do it. My daughter just auditioned for our local “High School of the Arts.” She’s surprising a soprano and really has a pretty voice that just needs work. I know how hectic it must be for you with auditions especially if you have to make decisions on them. Good luck and thanks for supporting Adam.

      • soundbath says:

        Hello glamity58,
        I do so appreciate you coming along and chatting here, and apologize for only getting back to you now – RL can be crazy, right?

        Oh yes, my next programme will definitely include Adam’s performance with Queen, but I just had to precede that with the one about his Showcase in London – it was fantastic! He just gets better and better.

        I’m so happy to hear about your daughter’s audition and her voice – LOVE singers – not that I’m biased at all, you understand? Haha! Wishing her a great time learning about her instrument.

  70. Karen P says:

    Thank you! Love this audio – read a transcript earlier!

  71. tess4ADAM says:

    Angelina … first of all … I want to compliment you on the three operatic arias you have included here. Beautiful Voice & flawless renditions. Both my husband & I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you sing them …. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    Thank you too for recognizing ADAM’s awesome Talent. From the first note I heard from ADAM at his audition .. MAMA … I knew he was a special young artist & to this day I am still shaking my head that a mediocre singer was able to win over him … I keep asking myself … how/why?? But that is all in the past now & ADAM has shown the World who he is & what a PHENOMENAL instrument he possesses & how well he knows how to use it to its fullest!! All the little snippets of his upcoming album TRESPASSING have just whetted our appetites for MORE … can’t WAIT for May 15th to get here. In the meantime I’ll be listening to your fascinating programs about ADAM!! Keep up the Wonderful work you are doing for our young GENIUS!! a PROUD & Grateful USA Glambert

    tess4ADAM (LAMBERT Outlaw)

  72. soundbath says:

    Hi tess4ADAM,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments on my own voice, but even more so on my thoughts and musings about the phenomenon that is Adam Lambert.

    Yes, I agree with you – the world hasn’t yet fully awoken to him, and I’m convinced that his second album, Trespassing, will contribute much to doing just that! The snippets were indeed appetite-wetting and I have also unashamedly been listening to the leaked songs that became available yesterday. I must say I had high expectations, but I think he’s exceeded them by far! And I had to smile to myself: so this is what perfection sounds like to Adam! 🙂

    What a stunning piece of work this is! Adam can rightly be proud of it and I believe he will finally get all the accolades he so richly deserves – the past is the past and he’s moved forward and all his fans with him.

    I’m so very excited for him!

  73. Thank you for your commentay on Adams vocals. I am an listening fan only,(meaning I have no singing abilities). I learn so much from you analyzing his vocal ability. I love also how open he is with his life too. They say everything we experience is a lesson in life. I believe Adam has had many. The fact that he has been able to not only survive but excell in his craft go to credit his deep want for this path & his supporting family and friends. I doubt that many popular singers now have actually spent time studying opera singing. Perhaps it because he had planned on a broadway career. This all goes into how he is able to do vocals like he does. Lucky for us (& Sauli) he changed his career path. Thank you again & please keep posting these fantactic commentarys. Are going to Queen with Adam show in London?? I hope you can!! Would love to hear what you have say about those concerts.

  74. soundbath says:

    Hi Vicky,

    Thank you so much for dropping by and for leaving such lovely comments. I’m really so happy that you enjoy my blogs and programmes.

    I agree with you – everything we experience is a life lesson and yes, like you, I believe Adam has had many. We can learn much from him – he seems such a wise old soul, doesn’t he?

    I also agree with you about your feeling that not many singers in pop music have spent much time, if any at all, studying singing in quite as much depth as Adam clearly has. I may be wrong, but I wonder if it has something to do with his seemingly deep desire for truth. The voice is an astonishing instrument and gives us the truth more starkly than we can find in any other way – it is a way of learning who we are at a very deep level. I’ve said it before and I absolutely believe it – our voice is the only thing that directly expresses our spiritual selves in this physicality. It reveals the singer’s soul to the world. How beautiful is Adam’s soul, right?

    Yes, I am indeed going to two of the QueenBert shows in London and I’m sooooo excited! I’ve always adored Queen’s music and Adam brings something so special to their songs – cannot wait to experience it! How about you?

  75. I just love hearing all about what makes Adam Lambert so awesome. It’s like when he started taking voice lessons and wanted to know how he made those sounds. I appreciate his voice so much more, knowing how difficult it is to do what he does AND make it seem so effortless.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Lauriellen,

      Apologies for only responding to you now!

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave your lovely comment – I appreciate it enormously!

      Yes, it’s wonderful to look at what he does, how he does it and still be mystified by the artistry and the beauty and the intelligence behind such a magnificent instrument, right? And what a delightful subject to study! Just wish I had more time! 🙂

  76. Juntian Xia says:

    Hi Angelina,
    I’m a Chinese Glambert 😉 Lovin’ your articles soooo much! Adam is such a whole package and people like me just fell for him without knowing these voice stuff. But now your professional vocal reviews are truly throwing light upon the magic voice of him! Reading your reviews and listening to Adam’s music again is an amazing treat 😉 A big big THANK-YOU!!
    Also, can I translate your work into Chinese and post them on Chinese sites? I would certainly include your name and a link to your original article. They deserve more readings all around the world! Thanks again!!
    Best regards,

  77. soundbath says:

    Hello Juntian Xia,

    How lovely to hear from a Chinese Glambert!

    Welcome to The Sound Bath and thank you so very, very much for your wonderful words about my blogs and programmes – I so appreciate you taking the time to tell me that you like my work! The subject of most of my blogs and programmes – Adam Lambert – makes it not only easy, but a huge pleasure, too! 🙂

    Adam is indeed amazing and I’m sure the entire world was watching him and listening to his exquisite voice when he performed in China, too. And the Chinese Glamberts looked after him so well, I’m sure he must have enjoyed visiting your beautiful country very much!

    I’d be most honoured to have my work translated into Chinese and posted on Chinese sites – thank you enormously for thinking of doing it and yes, it would be perfect if you would be so kind as to include my name and links to my blog site as well. Having lived in Hong Kong for nearly 8 years, I still have friends both there and in China, so do please let me know if you want some help translating them – it may be a big job, some of them are very long! 🙂

    What a wonderful thing to say – that you think my work deserve more exposure around the world – thank you so much!

    I hope you will visit me here again and share the sites where you’ve posted the translations with all of us, too.

    Thanks again!

    Xie xie!

    • Juntian Xia says:

      Awww… Angelina, thanks for your sweet sweet reply!!

      Amazing to know that you’ve been living in Hong Kong and have friends in China! I’ve been to Hong Kong several times and loved it much! 🙂 I’m originally from Beijing and am now studying in the US so what a pity I wasn’t in China when Adam showed up! But I too have tracked the news coming from Shanghai, bursting into happy tears… Now the Adam-Fever is still going on in China! Yay!! 🙂

      Thank you so much for authorizing me to translate your brilliant work! And yes it would be a long journey, haha! I’m kinda a perfectionist when dealing with stuff I love, so it could take even longer. I may work on my own site until the first few articles are finished, and then post them to the fan community — by then I’ll surely come back here with a link to the translations! And it’s so nice of you to offer your support. I may be back with questions too, haha!

      So happy to know you and thanks again, 🙂


  78. FF says:

    Hi, Angelina,

    I really enjoy your blog. And I come back a lot to read your articles over and over again. I really learned a lot. Thank you! May I ask for your permission to translate some of your articles into another language and post them in Adam’s foreign forum? I am pretty sure that they will love your articles. (I will let them know who wrote these of course ^_^)

    Thanks a lot.


    • soundbath says:

      Hi FF,

      Please forgive me very, very late response to your kind request – of course, please feel free to translate them – I’m happy if you feel others might like these too. Let me know how it goes. And again, many apologies for my late response!


  79. Ramiro says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >The Sound Bath | If you have
    ever thought about the sounds, colours and shapes in music and words, then this is the place for you.
    <Loved it!

  80. Janet M Bilicki says:

    I am enjoying your voice so much! I had to listen first to O Mio Babbino…..my daughter sang that for her senior recital and I just love it. My daughter is 18 and attends the New England Conservatory in Boston. You are inspiring. We have talked before. Keep up the great work.

  81. soundbath says:

    Hi Janet, How lovely of you! Thank you so much for letting me know you’d listened to it and enjoyed it. How wonderful that your daughter is doing so well – yes, of course, I remember that we’d talked before. Thank you again for your very kind words and lovely compliments – deeply appreciated!

    • Janet M Bilicki says:

      Any time! Good luck in the future…..maybe my Claire will follow in your footsteps.

      • soundbath says:

        How wonderful that your Claire is thinking of a career in opera – it’s a very fulfilling thing to do. Please give her my best wishes for a great career!

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