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Broken Open: Adam Lambert; The Agony and Ecstasy of Singing

There is a case to be made for the fact that each of us is born with innate abilities, which when honed, transform us into experts, at best, in our fields of interest, and competents, otherwise. Our absorbing interests often also … Continue reading

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Tod Machover, Opera Composer – an interview

mp3 audio only – full programme  Tod Machover (b. 1953 in New York) has been called “America’s most wired composer” by the Los Angeles Times. He is widely recognized as one of the most significant and innovative composers of his generation, and is … Continue reading

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Adam Lambert and the Basics of a Singer’s Voice : Breathing and Support

“Singing is a sensory-motor phenomenon that requires particular physical skills. When these skills are developed in a sensitive performer, singing becomes an art.” – Meribeth A. Bunch, Ph.D. (Consultant in Voice, Associated Professor, University of Delaware, USA) A singer, much as … Continue reading

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The Singer as Interpretative Artist

Adam Lambert performing in Indianapolis during his Glam Nation Tour, 2010 – photo kindly supplied by Grrr_girl. mp3 audio only – full programme  Radio Script: Today I’d like to explore the interpretative art of the singer. Once techniques such as posture, breath and voice … Continue reading

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