Juneau & Xena talks about fanatic.fm.

This spectacular picture of Niagara Falls – with kind permission of Grrrr_girl.

It’s a particular pleasure to chat with June Kinoshita via Skype and Katherine Hollinsworth in her home in Toronto about their latest venture, fanatic.fm.

Fanatic.fm is a new music industry platform for promoting musicians/artists without the benefit of American Idol or X-Factor or big name labels, thereby giving the artists a lot more control over how their music is presented to the world. It’s also a brilliant way for fans to connect directly with new/favourite artists, initially being able to listen to their music for free, before buying it, whilst the artists are being paid by brands who want to use their music to promote themselves and their products and services. There is also a fantastic charity component to this agreement, making it a win/win/win/win situation for everyone involved.

Some of our listeners might know these two ladies better as Juneau and Xena, the authors of the book, On the Meaning of Adam Lambert, which combines personal reflections on the career of singer Adam Lambert, with analysis of the impact of reality television and social media on the formation of far-reaching and meaningful fan cybercommunities. The topic is one they continue to explore on their blog, Juneau & Xena’s Salon (the name comes from their social media identities). They also co-host a weekly radio show which frequently features independent musicians.

June, who resides in the Boston area, is an award-winning journalist who was an editor at Scientific American and helped develop three Public Broadcasting Service documentary series. She is also a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of SociaLife, LLC, which applies entertainment and social networking technologies to healthcare.

And Kath, a Toronto-based policy analyst, has worked closely with Canadian businesses and local and national government in sectors ranging from music and gaming to healthcare and energy, and she was an aide to a former Canadian Finance Minister.

Fanatic.fm, the California-based company that earlier this year released its innovative music sponsorship platform, announced the appointment of Katherine Hollinsworth and June Kinoshita to lead its global marketing and communications operations.

A few of the great artists already signed up with fanatic.fm and whose music is featured in this programme, is Monte Pittman (a multi-talented guitarist also for Madonna and Adam Lambert),

Xander Smith’s great rock band, RunRunRun,

soul singer, Daryl Strodes,

shamanistic diva, Helen Adove Hawk,

extraordinary talented band, Merrickans,

and the perfect harmonies that belongs to Fridge Magnets.

June and Kath can be contacted via: Fanatic.fm, or at http://fanaticfm.wordpress.com/, or  Juneau & Xena’s Salon.

The music for the intro and outtro of this programme has been composed and performed by Elizabeth Dockrell-Tyler.

We do not own the copyright to any of the pictures or music presented in this programme, only copyright on the scripts presented within the programme, and no copyright infringement is intended.

This blog is offered to invite comments and discussion on the work presented by The Sound Bath.

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