Adam Lambert’s London Showcase on 3 February 2012

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Have you ever had a once-in-a-lifetime, never-dared-to-dream-of type of experience? Well, I never thought it would ever happen to me, but it did. And very recently. And I’m still trying to recover, but have it on good authority from myself, that I probably never will.

It happened on Friday 3rd of February 2012…well, actually, it started on Thursday 2nd of Feb.

It was an interesting day to begin with, Thursday, that is, because a lovely Lambrit – that’s how the singer, Adam Lambert’s fans in the UK describe themselves – anyway, a Lambrit called Lucy, contacted me to ask if I’d like to join her in London, as Adam Lambert was in town to promote his new album, Trespassing, out in March/April this year.

A number of his fans were meeting up outside the building where he was being interviewed by the UK press, to greet him and to make him feel as welcome, wanted and loved in the UK as he is being made to feel everywhere else in the world that he goes.

Despite a heaving workload, I felt it was a good idea, because personally, I feel Adam is on his way to becoming a very important, and I’d go so far as to say, a pivotal artist, for change within the music industry. I flew out the door – hair still wet, no make-up, my warmest coat, which my cat occasionally uses as her bed, so clearly not my most glamorous moment, but determined to make it on time to at least say ‘hi!’

An exceptionally cold day, we huddled together and were rewarded for our effort, when after several hours of being interviewed, Adam suddenly appeared. He was very gracious – smiling, giving autographs, posing for piccies and dolling out warm hugs before he got into a car with blacked-out windows to go wherever it was he had to be.

When later that day we were informed that somehow separately Lucy and I had both received invitations to Adam’s showcase the following evening, I was delighted beyond words, and I’m pretty sure that Lucy was very, very excited too.

At first, I couldn’t believe it, because, since my introduction to Adam Lambert’s astonishing voice, it has been my dream to hear his voice up-close in an intimate venue and preferably unmiked. So it felt like all my xmasses and birthdays had come at once!

I later discovered that my invitation came by way of the wonderful Joan, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Joan. You will never know what this has meant to me – no words can describe what it was like to experience Adam’s exceptional and extraordinary vocal instrument in such an intimate setting. I will never, ever be able to repay you for your generosity and kindness.

Actually, I am constantly astonished by how fantastic Adam’s fans are – they call themselves the Glamily. I know the word refers to Adam’s Glam side, but they really are a kind of global family – they support and help each other out, and I’ve met some wonderful, wonderful people vicariously through Adam. I’ve never experienced anything like it and have often wondered if his fans reflect the way Adam conducts himself in the world, always supporting other artists and inspiring people to be whoever they are and to strive for fulfilment in their lives. He seems to be such a wise, old soul and is an incredible role model for everyone, not only for his younger fans.

The other recipient of Joan’s generosity (and I know she feels enormous gratitude toward Joan, too), was the wonderful Etty. I will be chatting to her a little later in the programme.

So on Friday 3 February, I duly met up with Etty, Lucy and her friend, Claire, and at 5:00pm we made our way to the very swanky private members-only Arts Club, essentially a wonderful 18th century town house, in the heart of Mayfair.

Interestingly, The Arts Club was founded in 1863 by men of vision in order to – according to their blurb – “facilitate the social intercourse of those connected with, or interested in Art, Literature or Science.” How apt, I thought.

For those unfamiliar with Mayfair, The Arts Club is located just a few metres away from The Ritz Hotel and within walking distance of Buckingham Palace.

The venue itself was rather small, about the size of a living room, and filled to the brim with journalists and other media people.

It was immediately clear to me, however, that the room didn’t appear to have very good acoustics and that my dream of hearing Adam singing unmiked, was not going to happen, but I was thrilled anyway that I’d still be able to see him perform from really close-up, no matter where I stood.

But then, even more unexpectedly, and without trying to do so, together with my companions, I somehow ended up standing right in front of the tiny stage, right in front of Adam’s chair and mike stand, just behind two children – I’d say around 5 feet or so away from where Adam would be.

The Sony Executive who introduced him, did a great job, using Brian May’s comment about Adam’s voice “reaching out with sensitivity, depth, maturity and awesome range and power that will make jaws drop all around the world. The world of rock has a bright new star,” he quoted.

Personally, I couldn’t agree more.

And then Adam Lambert walked on stage.

I have been to a few of his live performances previously, but of course, I have never experienced him so close-up – he really is something to behold. I know his fans thinks he’s the sexiest most beautiful man they’ve ever seen, and I have to confess, he is unusually striking and impressive and his stage presence is immediately tangible and enormous. He practically oozes charisma, magnetism and charm.

What struck me straight away, apart from his sheer physical presence – he is very tall – just over 6 foot, I believe – is how chic and sophisticated he looked, dressed all in black with minimal make-up, and with his signature dark nails and silver rings – he looked every bit the successful global star that he has become. He seemed very relaxed and in charge of the party – it was after all, his party!

And then he sang.


He started with a song called, Fever, from his previous album, For Your Entertainment. I know his fans will probably jump all over me now, but it was never one of my most favourite tracks from that album. But here he sang a near-acoustic version – I say near-acoustic, only because he had to use a mike, although his voice is very strong and we would probably have been able to hear him perfectly well without it, although, as I said, the acoustics in the room weren’t great. But with totally stripped down backing, I found myself having to re-think my opinion of the song – clearly another one of Adam’s many talents: motivating people to change their mind about things, just by doing what he does.

I feel Fever was an inspired choice for the first song, because it seemed that most people in the room were familiar with it, judging by the response from behind us.

I found myself astonished that Adam could make the song sound so energetic and the lyrics filled with so much excitement using only his voice really – the backing was minimal. I’ll play it in a moment, so if you can, try to separate out the backing from the vocals and you’ll see what I mean.

Of course, those who have heard his voice live will know that it sounds so much better live than it does recorded, and that is saying something, because he already sounds pretty spectacular recorded, too.

Unfortunately, there are no videos or audio available yet from his London showcase, but this is Fever recorded in Austria prior to his London showcase and uploaded to YouTube by X67X67X  – again, this is a recorded version of his performance on that day – seeing him live really is a different story altogether!

Wonderful, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And even though he was seated, his entire body was involved in the production of the sound and the interpretation of the song. It was an education and a master class in performance technique to watch him give himself over so completely to his voice and the music, whilst still staying completely alert and focussed on the audience.

He really doesn’t mess around – he commits absolutely and wholly to what he’s doing. And although I’d always suspected it, it came as a bit of a shock to realize just precisely how present he actually is. It felt as though every single aspect of him was on stage – he wasn’t distracted, he wasn’t thinking of something else, he wasn’t fractured…ALL of him was there.

This is remarkable in many ways, not least because this is exactly what all performers strive for and many are never able to achieve it. And this is also the force that makes him so compelling to watch – he magnetizes you until you’re unable to tear your eyes away from him.

As if this isn’t enough, he adds one more element to his arsenal of awesomeness. Those who have seen him perform live will be familiar with how he makes direct eye-contact with members of the audience.

I know some people find it slightly disturbing and they don’t know where to look, because for those few seconds, it feels as though he is singing for you only. But I find it a particular privilege and a complete thrill to have him focussing exclusively on me for a few moments and to imagine that indeed, he is singing for me only.

Of course, other performers do this too, but I feel that the reason it’s so uniquely effective when Adam does it, is because he is so totally present, so when he looks at you, he really, really looks at you – what a communicator, right?

But each time I hear him live, I’m always taken aback again at how high his voice actually is – it’s much higher than you’d expect and that somehow doesn’t translate when you hear his voice recorded. And so it always takes me a moment or so to adjust to the exquisite, live voice.

And I know I’ve spoken and written about this before, but the fact that he’s using proper vocal techniques, is also always a surprise, although I don’t know why it should be so. I guess it’s probably because most other singers in modern styles of music do not habitually use such techniques – you usually expect it more with classical singers, and it’s a testament to Adam’s excellent early singing education and continued hard work – it’s something which he clearly continues to practise and as a result, he’ll be able to sing for a very long time without developing the pop singer’s usual trouble of nodules on the vocal folds.

Talking about techniques, it was a real treat to witness up-close and first-hand how low he breathes into his body and how he keeps his rib-cage open and use his diaphragm to support his voice.

And even in a song like Fever, which to some people may not seem a particularly important song with much substance, he makes the riffs mean something and be a part of the song – they’re not just a string of notes to cover a gap in the song – something which again, you often find with other singers in pop music, in particular.

The other thing that struck me was how amazing it is that he could do all those interviews and talk that much, and then still deliver such a perfect vocal performance. I don’t know anyone else who could do that.


Next he sang his new single, “Better Than I Know Myself.”

I’ll be talking more about this song in my next programme, which is called: “Adam Lambert’s Trinity of Gems from 2011,” because it’s one of only three vocal experiences he gave us in 2011.

For now I can say this: when I first heard the song, I must confess that I didn’t immediately like it, although it’s catchy and I danced to it in my kitchen. But the more I listen to it, the more I came to understand it and like it, and I LOVE this acoustic version.

The piano underneath Adam’s voice is particularly delicious and although I was feeling anxious about anyone else singing with Adam, especially, but not solely, because of all the fantastic harmonies he created on the album version of the song, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved the way Kevin’s voice blended in with Adam’s, creating a whole new colour and sound-shape. By that I mean that there is almost a muddying – in a good way – of the vocal sound here. No longer do we have the pure Adam sound. When their voices mix together, a more deliberately raw sound emerges, creating a fusion of dark and light colours and a rougher texture.

The tessitura of the song is consistently rather high and therefore it must be a little bit of a challenge to sing. Of course, as always, Adam makes it looks so easy, but it really isn’t.

Again, no acoustic version of this song is yet available from the London showcase, but following is the song as Adam performed it in Austria and uploaded to YouTube by Q-Music:

We now (March 2012) have the version from London available, thanks to JMeehan719:

Exquisite, right?

And for comparison, here is the album version – check out also the incredible video that accompanies the song:

This song will be available for download on UK iTunes on the 11th of March and everywhere else on the 12th, so go get it!

After the showcase, I had an opportunity to chat with Kevin. I told him that I really liked the way his voice blends with Adam’s and he seemed genuinely pleased to hear that. I believe Etty and Lucy told him the same thing, so hopefully, he doesn’t have a big head now!

In answer to my questions, he said that singing with Adam was like nothing he’d ever experienced, that he viewed Adam’s voice as a legitimate instrument in its own right, and that he was in awe of the fact that during rehearsals Adam sometimes goes off into lots more improvs and does stuff he could never even have imagined vocally possible. He laughed and said he couldn’t even try to go there, and that he just sticks to the notes.

Of course Adam also does so much more with a song than just stick to the notes. And it was a revelation to be that close to him to be able to see every tiny gesture, every small movement, every minute nuance, every slight tightening around the eyes or at the corners of his mouth to render meaning to the lyrics he is singing. And even though Adam is a past master at projecting out into the audience, it struck me forcibly how much we’re missing when he’s performing. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to see it at least once in my life.

Talking about projecting – he does something else very, very interesting. You’ll find that performers usually fall into one of two categories – those who project outwards and those who draw their audience to them. Rarely do you find someone who can do both. But guess what? Adam does both – at the same time! It was such a shock to me when I first realized it, that I kept blinking, wondering if I was hallucinating. But no, that’s what he does – astonishing, right?

I also hadn’t realized before how wide he opens his mouth – he really does not suffer from self-consciousness, unlike many other singers I’ve come across. And it was great to see the ridge down his tongue – supposedly all very good singers have one. And I can confirm that although his teeth are fabulous when he smiles, he really has completely perfect pearly whites throughout his mouth!


Before the next song, “Outlaws of Love,” Adam asked for a bit more reverb and I suspected it’s because the song is a ballad and therefore would sound better with extra reverb. Apart from that, I think the sound guys did a pretty spectacular job to make Adam sound even better than he already does.

I have already devoted an entire two and a half hour programme to “Outlaws of Love” because I believe it’s very important song and a fantastic piece of art. Mind you, the programme is broken up into five parts, so you won’t need an entire two and a half hours to listen to it, you can access it bit-by-bit.

“Outlaws of Love” clearly means a lot to Adam, too. When introducing it, he spoke very movingly and passionately about the uphill struggle that he and the rest of the LGBT community – he called them “my community” – still faces every day, despite things getting better.

When I first heard this song live in Canada in July last year, I found myself crying uncontrollably, not only because the lyrics tear into your heart, but the melody is exquisitely beautiful, too, and the song suits Adam’s voice like a glove.

But as a performer I know what it feels like when you’re singing and someone cries right in front of you – it can be disconcerting – so I was determined not to do so this time. But I was unprepared for the impact that this song would have on me again, and very soon, I couldn’t stop myself – tears ran down my face entirely without my permission.

Hearing it again, and being that close to him, really reinforced for me how much of himself he puts into that song – it may at times sound soft and ethereal, but his body is working as hard, if not harder, than when he’s belting something. And I LOVE how he hovers in that place just between a floating head voice and falsetto – it kind of puts you in a trance, and reminds of the state between waking and sleeping.

To me, it feels almost as though Adam is channelling this song from somewhere else, beyond this world.

Adam’s voice in this song, for me at least, contains elements I don’t experience when he sings anything else. It is difficult to put into words, but it has to do with the specific energy and sound-shape in his voice and that’s partly the reason I created a separate programme devoted entirely to the song.

I can’t wait to hear what he’s done with it on the album.

Here’s how he sang it in Austria – uploaded to YouTube by gnosbt:

How beautiful is that, right?

And here is the London version – now available to us (March 2012), unploaded to YouTube by JMeehan719:

So beautiful and tender and each note and phrase filled with meaning and emotion, I’m sure you’ll  agree and I’m sure, too, that you can see now why I just could not stop myself from crying during the song.


Next he sang “Whataya Want From Me,” a song from his previous album, for which he’d received a Grammy nomination.

I’ve heard him sing this song on numerous occasions, including a number of acoustic versions, but he is one of those rare artists able to keep surprising his audiences by changing how he sings songs. As a result, it’s kind of like a permanently enchanting lucky-dip – you always get something delightfully new, which makes you listen to whatever song he’s singing with as much attention as when you first heard it. And of course, he did it again this time too.

Again, this is the version from Austria, uploaded to YouTube by Q-Music:


The last song of the showcase was “Trespassing,” the title track from his new album.

Wow, this a great song and I can’t wait for it to come out as a single – I hope it does – I have a feeling people will go nuts for it.

It’s very, very energetic, has a great message and lots of attitude, with lyrics like: “No Trespassing? Yeah, my ass! Wait till ya get a load of me!”

Yes, Adam, we got a load of you and it was fantastic!

It is an immensely performable song and that’s exactly what he did. He got up from his stool and was therefore even a little closer to us.

It suddenly became very hot in the venue – those who have seen Adam perform live, will know that when he shakes his booty, he really goes for it. I’m sure that’s partly why his fans view him as the sexiest man in the Universe. And he didn’t disappoint this time either. Witnessing him moving and dancing like that so close-up was an experience I don’t think I’ll ever recover from.

I tried very hard to keep my thoughts straight, however, and was again enormously impressed by how naturally uninhibited and comfortable he is on stage – he definitely belongs there.

Once he starts his next tour, I’d be very interested to see the comments from his fans about this song in particular.

Here is a version of the song that was uploaded to YouTube by ohmylicious – I’m assuming, taken from his performance of the song in Austria:

Of course, typically, he changed the song quite a bit at the London Showcase and we were privy to some deeply gratifying grunting and groaning, panting type riffs in the second half of the song.

Even though they’re enormously effective to listen to, they’re actually rather difficult to do, because it takes a lot of strength and stamina from the diaphragm to make those explosive sounds.

Here are the lyrics:

Well I was walkin for some time
when I came across this sign
sayin “who are you and where are you from?”
We don’t like when visitors come.

“No Trespassing” that’s what it said
at least that’s what I could read.
No Trespassing? Yeah, my ass!
Wait till ya get a load of me!

One day I was trippin and that’s when I could see
that the ether I had tapped into could be reality
It was great, that’s when I climbed that optimistic vine
Once I hit that mountain peak I began to lose my mind

I don’t need no sympathy. I won’t cry and whine.
Life’s my light and liberty
and I’ll shine when I wanna shine.

Make their faces crack
there’s no turnin back.
Let’s GO!

Well I was walkin for some time
when I came across this sign
sayin “who are you and where are you from?”
We don’t like when visitors come.

“No Trespassing” that’s what it said
at least that’s what I could read.
No Trespassing? Yeah, my ass!
Wait till ya get a load of me!

I ain’t got BS in my bag
that’s the one thing you can believe
my heart is gold, my body is glass
come on baby, can’t you see?

Well I was walkin for some time
when I came across this sign
sayin “who are you and where are you from?”
We don’t like when visitors come.

“No Trespassing” that’s what it said
at least that’s what I could read.
No Trespassing? Yeah, my ass!
Wait till ya get a load of me!

This is the amazing version of Trespassing from the London Showcase available now (March 2012) courtesey of JMeehan719:

It’s astonishing how, even though Adam is still singing legato – meaning he’s still linking the words and the phrases together, he is simultaneously also driving the rhythm forward by how he jumps off the consonants and how he lifts some of the sounds and words. And watch to see how much of that he generates within his body – it looks so easy, but it’s rather more difficult to execute, and it takes 100% commitment to do! If there were no backing instruments, he’d still be able to sing it like this – awesome!

But to get back to the Showcase – I was aware that behind me, the audience had been getting more excited with each song and was now dancing, hooping and having the time of their lives.

This was a real showcase in every sense of the word. Adam showcased not only his great new music, but also his astonishing voice, adding in new riffs to the well-known songs and the new ones alike. And I will eat several of my hats if anyone who was there failed to be impressed by his fantastic performance.

What made this event even more special, though, is that whilst he was performing, the audience was utterly quiet and enthralled, unlike his concerts with fans attending and which can become so rowdy that sometimes the noise practically drowns out what he’s doing.

But the showcase audience exploded and hooped and whistled and applauded wildly after each song finished and it must have felt great to him to hear that. They enthusiastically clapped and danced along and a great showcase was had by all.

Personally, I was so happy to see that the UK media responded so positively to this wonderful and important artist.

Once the performance was over, Adam left the stage and the four of us just stood there staring at each other. Mind blown, and I speak for myself when I say, feeling very, very hot suddenly after THAT performance of Trespassing! I felt like I’d been dunked in a whirlpool of turbulence and colour – all perfectly tastefully done, of course, but my head was spinning and my soul had left my body!

After the show, of course, everyone wanted to talk to Adam and he stayed until practically the end, happily talking and posing for photos with his newly recruited fans from the UK media.

I too had an opportunity to talk with him briefly twice, and after thanking him for a great showcase and congratulating him on his recent birthday and excellent new music.

He seemed delighted to see a few fans there, and greeted us like family. I received the best hug of my life – a lovely firm, happy, enthusiastic hug.

As he’d just come off-stage, I expected him to be feeling hot, but was surprised to feel so palpably the delicious energy that continues to run through performers’ bodies after a performance, and I became aware of the fact that his back and arms were wet – wow, in just five songs – that’s some energy output!

I spoke to some other people too, and Nick from Fault magazine promised that their March issue will feature great coverage of Adam, which he was sure Adam’s fans will adore.

And then right at the end, going over to say good bye, we unexpectedly had an opportunity to talk with Adam again, a little longer this time.

Etty graciously introduced me to him as the opera singer fascinated by his voice and he promptly launched into talking about some tweets he’d sent about his voice and in particular about falsetto. He seemed frustrated that people might imagine he didn’t know what falsetto was or how to use it. As it happens, he uses it very, very rarely. I told him that I had indeed seen his tweets and had sent one of my own saying that he didn’t need to use falsetto when he has a head-voice that can float as beautifully as his does.

But I do understand completely where he’s coming from, because as a singer, I can confirm that it feels much more satisfying to sing with your head-voice – if you can do it! And in fact, there are very few people who can do what Adam does – it’s actually much more difficult to float your head-voice than it is to sing falsetto, which by comparison, seems almost a cop-out or a kind of laziness. But of course, falsetto does have its place in the interpretation of songs, too. It’s just remarkable that Adam is one of the few singers – especially in pop music – with the ability to choose which way he wants to use his voice and then to make it happen. And on the few occasions when he chose to use falsetto, he has always done so with great sensitivity, artistry and sophistication.

He then went on to recommended some vocal exercises to me developed by his own vocal coach, which he told me had helped him, and which really works your voice, so I’m going to have to check those out for sure!

Well, I have talked a lot, so I think it’s time that I introduce my special guest. It’s the wonderful Etty Payne with whom I went to Adam’s showcase.

But before I talk with her, here’s a little something about her:

Etty has a very cosmopolitan background, being born in one continent (Africa), with the nationality of a country in another continent, South America (Venezuela, to be specific) and she grew up in a third continent, Europe, in the UK.  After working for many years as a translator at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, she now does proofreading, copyediting and a little writing, alongside her job as a finance officer.

Since being a huge fan of David Bowie, Etty enjoyed the music of Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Marti Pellow and Muse, but felt there was no one quite in David Bowie’s league… until she discovered Adam Lambert.

Etty’s interview only, if you’d like to listen to it separately – running time: 13:06 minutes

Personally, I wish Adam the most brilliant success and thank the Universe every day that I am alive at the same time as him, so that I can experience this wonderful and inspiring artist. And I hope to continue to do so for many, many years to come.

So, Adam, thank you for continuing to have the courage to give your voice and art to the world.

Here are three recaps by fans who attended the showcase in London, including Etty’s own recap on Adam Lambert’s Fan Club site:

And by @TraceParr

The music for the intro and outtro of this programme was composed and performed by Elizabeth Dockrell-Tyler.

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35 Responses to Adam Lambert’s London Showcase on 3 February 2012

  1. Tatiana says:

    Hi Anglina,
    As always, it is such a treat to read your review of Adam’s performance. I cannot listen to the programme right now but I will surely do it later. It is so educational and emotional. I had happy tears all through your post. So excited that you had a chance to experience Adam in such intimate setting. “I thank the Universe every day that I am alive at the same time as him…” is exactly how I feel about Adam.

    Very grateful for everything you do.

    XO Tatiana

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Tatiana,
      Always so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your comments – I appreciate your interest an support in what I do enormously. Please do let me know what you think of the programme when you’ve had a chance to listen to it.

  2. buffy522 says:

    Hi Angelina
    I have heard your interviews on Junuea and Xena’s radio show here in the states and have found you a delight each time. Love this review and am sincerely happy that you were able to experience this showcase AND have such a wonderful chat with Adam. I love it when the universe makes good things happen. I know very little about singing or music. Only what feels good. You’ve helped me to understand why Adam Lambert makes me feel good. I have Meniere’s syndrome so have constant ringing in one ear that is also mostly deaf. It is torture, but somehow Adam’s voice transcends that and I can enjoy music.

    Keep writing, singing and sharing.

    Donna (@buffy522)

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thank you so much for popping by and for letting me know your thoughts – I’m so happy that you like my work.

      Like you, I love it when the Universe makes good things happen and this was truly one of the most astonishingly fantastic experiences of my life! I just wish sometimes that I wasn’t a synaesthete, because I get overwhelmed by the sounds of a crowd and then I can’t function properly, so I could probably have had a far better conversation with Adam if there weren’t so many people around – thankfully, though, it wasn’t too overwhelming!

      I’m sorry to learn that you suffer with Meniere’s syndrome, but thanks the Universe for Adam, right?

  3. dylangirl says:

    Dear Angelina….What can I say that I have not already said to you in response to so many of your wonderful writings and observations on Adam’s brilliant talent. I know one day others will see what we see and what you have always so brilliantly described. What a wonderful experience and you are a perfect candidate to have been blessed with this opportunity. Thank you once again for bringing Adam closer to us in your own talented unique way……Ruth
    P.S. Thank you Etty, Lucy and Claire

    • soundbath says:

      Aw thanks every so much for your lovely words, Ruth. I do so appreciate your support and kindness. And yes, I believe you’re right: one day others, too, will see and hear what we experience from Adam – he really is such a magical creature, truly a one-off, and he brings such joy to the world.

      Experiencing him like that, so close-up, was like a dream from which I never want to wake up, and I truly wish everyone has such an opportunity, too. But I’m glad that I’m able, in some small way, to share my experience with everyone else.

  4. Caroline says:

    I love your radio show, you have a wonderful way with words! Im soooooooo happy that you got to see Adam up close and thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us.
    Glamorlicious xx

    • soundbath says:

      Oooh how wonderful to hear from you!

      Thanks so much for saying such lovely things – I appreciate it enormously and I’m so glad that you liked the programme. 🙂

  5. terry says:

    Sorry – I can’t promote your stuff till you stop associating with those awful X & J women from “themeaningofmontepittman” website. But I love your stuff so I hope you kick them out of your site soon. Cheers

    • glamity58 says:

      I think we need to move on and support anyone who loves Adam. The whole lawsuit thing depresses me and I know it’s hurt Adam. We need to listen to his music and forget Monte. Monte has moved on and gone back to Madonna like we expected. Just my opinion.

      • terry says:

        I dont care about Monte, he’s history. The law suit is ongoing but not relevant to the problem I mentioned here. I’m talking bout 2 women who made money out of Adam and his fans but were all too eager to put Adam down and to make his fans feel bad for supporting Adam when their new Monte-based income-earner was threatened. Sorry I don’t see them “loving Adam” at all – that’s my point (tho I used to think they did). They only love the money to be made from him and his associates.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thank you so much for saying you love my stuff – it means a lot and I appreciate it tremendously!

      As for your comment about J&X – although I confess to not really understanding it, I of course, honour your feelings, and if you feel so strongly about any dealings I may have had with them in the past or may still have in the future, that it stops you from sharing my work with others, then that is your prerogative.

      For me personally, Adam is such a tremendous inspiration, not only as a performer, but also as a human being – he inspires me to be a better version of myself, as Etty so eloquently put in her chat with me, and I particularly admire his ethos of inclusivity. I guess we’re all fans of his in our own unique way, right?

  6. glamity58 says:

    How exciting to hear what you had to say. I am so jealous that you were there. I was close to Adam at one concert, but there were about 2500 people. I am hoping the UK radio stations give him some love (unlike America). He deserves to do well. Thanks for the colorful descriptions of his voice and songs. I always love reading your blogs.

    • soundbath says:

      Thanks so much for your great comments – aw, don’t be jealous – you never know: one day it could be your turn! 🙂

      Like you, I have also been in the front row at one of his concerts, but with so many people there, it was a completely different experience. This time, it really felt as though he was singing in your living room – totally unforgettable! I often wonder if the media peeps who regularly get to experience him so close-up, for example, at radio stations, ever realize just how lucky they are, and that his fans would give an arm and a leg to be there, too. And yes, fingers crossed for the UK radio stations! You’re right: he deserves the best, because he is the best! 🙂

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  8. Joan Kay says:

    Angelina Etty,Lucy Thank you for such a wonderful review it was so exciting and emotional I have no words to describe how your beautiful words and descriptions made me feel ,I am so glad you could all share this amazing night together not only as Adam fans but most of all as friends I will never forget your incoherent messages and phone call after you left the show. Thank you for all your reviews they where each so special to read

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Joan,

      Thanks for popping by and for your wonderful words! None of this would have been possible without you and I will truly never, ever be able to thank you enough – it’s the biggest, most meaningful gift I have ever received! Well, I guess, except life itself. lol

      Yes, we were rather incoherent after the show – Adam had overtaken all our senses! 🙂

      Thank you again for everything!

    • Etty says:

      Haha! Yes, our messages after the show made NO sense at all! We were hoping to let you know how grateful we were for your kindness, but I think we’d lost our minds! Hugs forever! xoxox

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  11. Etty says:

    Angelina, I still haven’t listened to my part but I could listen to you talk about Adam all day long. It was a privilege to share the incredible experience (did it actually happen? It still feels like a dream) with someone who could truly fully grasp what brilliance was being played out before us. I simply can’t get my head round the extent of Adam’s genius so you are the interpreter/translator/transcriber of my dazed and confused reactions to it all, lol!

  12. soundbath says:

    Aw Etty, Thanks so much for your wonderful words and for your lovely compliments. I do wish you’d listen to your part, though – you sound lovely and chatty, and I’m enormously grateful that you agreed to the interview, because I feel you ‘get’ Adam so perfectly – yup, genius, definitely!

    You’re right: it was a privilege to share this very, very special experience with such lovely friends as you, Lucy and Claire – it made it even more memorable. And it totally still feels like a dream – I’m still walking around in a daze and I don’t EVER want to wake up! 🙂 Maybe one day, when I get the power of speech/thought back properly, I’d be able to do proper justice to what we’d witnessed! xx

  13. Tatiana says:

    Angelina, Etty,

    I finally listened to your program. Cannot thank you enough. So thrilled that you had this experience and shared it with us in such generous and meaningful way. Your account of the event, and the insights into Adam’s art and his character are just brilliant.
    I am in awe. Angelina mentioned that Adam has a ridge down his tongue as all good singers do. Can you please elaborate a little bit on what it means?
    I am glad to hear that the reaction of the media was so positive. But it boggles my mind that it takes so long for the media and the music executives to acknowledge the phenomenon that Adam Lambert is. I am not saying this as his fan, I am saying this as a music lover. I don’t get it

    I impatiently look forward to you next program on Adam.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Tatiana,

      Thank you so much for listening to the programme and for popping by to share such lovely comments with us. You’re right: the mind boggles as to why it takes so long for some people to finally get what an astonishing musician/artist/human being Adam is.

      As for the tongue – I probably should have said ‘groove’, but I’m sure you got what I meant. Yes, it’s one of those attributes hotly debated, such as high cheekbones. A groove in the tongue – and high cheekbones, for that matter – supposedly aids resonance. My comment was intended to point out yet another great arrow in Adam’s already fierce arsenal to help with awesome sound production. 🙂

      • Tatiana says:

        Hi Angelina,
        Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. All the details you share with us about sound production are fascinating. Saw a tribute to Whitney Houston on MTV today. She had very high cheek bones! I did not appreciate her enough when she was alive. God, she really was a miracle! It was also amazing to see how much joy she expressed when she sang. It reminded me of Adam.

      • soundbath says:

        Hi Tatiana,

        You’re right: Whitney Houston was amazing – it’s so sad that she left us so soon. Your comment about not appreciating her enough when she was around, really is so true: we often take people/situations/things for granted, don’t we? That’s partly the reason why I want to help make sure that everyone is reminded constantly of how very, very lucky we are to be in the world at the same time as Adam – another miracle, right? Yup, he too, has very high cheek bones! 🙂

  14. Angelina….I am thrilled for you that you got to meet ADAM! I remember your emotions after we saw ADAM sing “Outlaws of Love” in St.Agathe. He touched our inner souls with the feelings HE had as he sang that song, along with his beautiful voice.
    You have a wonderful way of sharing your feelings and experiences! Thanks so much!

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Judy,

      Thank you so much for dropping by and saying such lovely things – I appreciate it enormously!

      Yes, how can we ever forget OOL in St Agathe – it was a magical experience, and a magical song sung by a magical singer in a magical place! Adam – the magical memory-maker! 🙂

  15. Malcolm says:

    Hello, Ms. Angelina
    I was sent here by a very passionate promoter and supporter of Adam and I could not be happier. He has dominated a lot of my (healthy) free time over the past few years and I didn’t think I could love him anymore, but after reading your article on his development until now and then listening to this in depth review of the London showcase and Adam’s qualities in general, I have to say my love has grown.
    I am not one to tear up except for during crushing goodbyes, but listening to this I felt so impressed, so fascinated and so appreciative of the musical and general masterpiece that Adam.
    I was so proud to be a big fan of his voice, his music and his message that at some point during Etty’s explanation as to why she loves him I felt very emotional, in a happy way.
    This has made my day and I really REALLY hope that Adam becomes more accepted and appreciated in the music industry, despite his sexual orientation and less conservative attitude.
    Thank you for this wonderful piece on the showcase and do know that what you do is deeply appreciated.

    (Sidenote: Your voice is wonderfully soothing as well! I could listen to you all day 🙂 )

    • soundbath says:

      Dear Malcolm,

      Thank you so very much for listening/reading our work and for your wonderful comments and compliments – I particularly love that you like my voice – all singers value such comments! I appreciate it enormously and I’m so happy that coming here has made your day! I hope we’ll see you again! 🙂

      Yes, I too am very proud to call myself a fan of Adam Lambert’s astonishing vocal instrument and of course, he is also such an inspiration, not only as an artist, but also as a person. We all love him in our own way.

      Thank you again!

  16. Micki says:

    Hi Angelina. I want to apologize for never getting back to you (MONTHS ago). RL went kind of crazy on me in many ways incl I lost access to the email you had sent me, as well as having a virus in my computer that (among other things) ate many of my bookmarks incl for this site, & crazy at work too. I’ve been meaning to track down this site & you for so long since, it’s downright embarassing. Anyway, I wanted to let you know WHY I disappeared, so you’d know it was nothing to do with that email or anything. I still can’t access it. (BTW, my email has changed since then.)

    Over the next while I’m going to be catching up on all of your programs that I’ve missed. I’ve REALLY missed them! You already know how much Adam & his angelic voice have impacted my life; well you did too with your wonderful insights into his voice. I have so much to catch up on, but should be able to work on that now. Going to try and do so in order. But I wanted to say hi & apologize.

    Have a great day. Thank you for everything. Hugs from Canada.
    Micki (aka Micsnutty on YT, who youd spoken with about among other things, the ping in Adam’s voice, way back)

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Micki,

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks ever so much for letting me know what happened to you – it’s great to hear from you! 🙂 So happy that you found me again – I know what RL can be like, so don’t worry, I didn’t take it personally! 🙂

      It would be great if we could just live in Adam world – we’d be perpetually happy all the time, right? Oh well…

      Speak again soon.

  17. Anja says:

    Dear Angelina

    I so appreciate your nuanced and layered perception of Adam. I came across his picture on the internet by accident three years ago, and I sensed something extraordinary in him and I was lost (“you had me at hello”). It was great to hear you talk both about his immense talent (which he has developed with devotion and commitment) and his presence. For me, presence is the central thing that moves me. And as one of my mentors said the other day: being visionary is not what is really exceptional, being visionary and yet still able to be present right here right now is. What happens then is you bring back to the space around you, the zeitgeist of the other moments that have inspired the highest and best and deepest in you. And that is what Adam does. He’s both unearthly and present at the same time. He radiates a “huge scale” of attention. And then, he is also so expressive as you describe in detail. His body is a language. And its hard to look away.

    Im so glad he decided to take his gift to the public stage. I would not have been able to dream up such a one as he.


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  19. soundbath says:

    Hi Anja,

    Thank you so very much for stopping by and for sharing such wonderful comments.

    I LOVE your sentence: …”being visionary is not what is really exceptional, being visionary and yet still able to be present right here right now is. What happens then is you bring back to the space around you, the zeitgeist of the other moments that have inspired the highest and best and deepest in you.”

    And most particularly, I couldn’t agree more with you on this one: “I would not have been able to dream up such a one as he.”

    I hope he reads your sentence – I have not read a more apt idea about Adam than that. It sums up everything one could say about him.


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