London Trespassed on Adam Lambert

Trespassing Album Cover Art

mp3 only – full programme – running time: 40:39 minutes

Today celebrates a month since a number of Adam Lambert’s UK fans gathered together in London for a listening party of his new album, Trespassing.

The room where the Listening Party was held

The album became available elsewhere in the world on the 15th of May but will only be available in the UK in July. That didn’t stop his fans here, however, wanting to celebrate, along with the rest of the world, his amazing second album, which he executive produced. So, thanks for an amazing evening arranged by Lucy & @jeanjenie.

Essential equipment for the Listening Party!

Just how great this new album is, was proved a few days later, when on the 23rd of May, the album went straight in at number one on the coveted Billboard 200 chart in America. This was a first on another level for Adam Lambert too, being the first openly gay recording artist ever to do so.

In a recent interview with PressParty, he said: “”I didn’t know that it hadn’t been reached before so I was kind of surprised, but I felt honoured by that. I think it’s a big deal in a way. It’s a big deal about something that shouldn’t be a big deal…”

His fans, who are extremely loyal and supportive, are excited by these new firsts, and at the listening party, I had an opportunity to ask them why they like him so much and what they think of his new album, Trespassing.

In the excitement of the evening’s entertainment, chatting, quizzes, games, eating and drinking, and listening to the new album, I accidentally lost one of the recordings so a few days later, I went to re-record another of Adam’s ardent fan’s views for inclusion in the programme

Prizes to be won!



The winning drawing by Hanna





Winner of the quizz, Donna, and her prize




I too had been lucky enough to have been gifted a copy of Trespassing by the wonderful Ruth, a fan from America – thank you so much, Ruth – but I had been holding off listening to it properly until the listening party and hearing it all the way through, that loud especially, was completely perfect.

Trespassing is undeniably a brilliant piece of pop art and certainly the best album I think I’ve ever heard, because there isn’t one song on there that I don’t like. One of the things that take it to a level impossible for other artists to reach, is of course, Adam Lambert’s exquisite voice. His vocal lines and harmonies are indeed, as one of his fans described, like an Aladdin’s cave full of stunning treasures.

I will be talking more about his voice in my next programme, which will be a vocal review of Trespassing.

In the meantime, thank you Adam, from all your UK fans for creating a pop musical feast for the soul, body and mind.

We can’t wait for July when the album will be available here and when we get to see you performing with Queen. As some of my teenage students have been saying: Sicknessss!

Here is the music video of Adam’s new single, Never Close Our Eyes, soon available in the UK:

The snippets of the tracks played on this programme:



Kickin’ In

Outlaws Of Love


Broken English


Never Close Our Eyes

The music for the intro and outtro of this programme was composed and performed by Elizabeth Dockrell-Tyler.

We do not own the copyright to any of the pictures, music or videos presented in this programme, only copyright on all scripts presented within the programme, and no copyright infringement is intended.

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I loved singing from a very young age and first performed in public when just seven years old. As a child, living as we did, on a farm in the middle of the Kalahari Desert - the place of my birth - we had no television and my mother played records by Mario Lanza, Guiseppe Di Stephano, Beniamino Gigli, Franco Corelli, Jussi Bjorling, Enrico Caruso and other well-known Italian opera tenors, day in and day out. I adored this music and their beautiful voices, and was convinced I would be a tenor when I grew up. But the small matter of being born a girl, shattered that dream! I trained as a soprano instead, and have been fortunate enough to sing all over the world, enjoying some wonderful moments along the way, including being invited to Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of my contribution to the music, economy and culture of the UK.
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7 Responses to London Trespassed on Adam Lambert

  1. MsDylangirl says:

    I have been fortunate enough to meet many of the UK fans in person and share the admiration we have for Adam Lambert. This was a treat to hear some of the voices of those I have yet to meet. It was wonderful to hear how well you all expressed the love you have for Adam and his talent. So many of you expressed much of the feelings I too have for this extraordinary talented young man.
    Thank you Angelina for bringing us closer to the UK fans …….it is wonderful how we have been brought together all over the world with this common bond.
    dylangirl xxx

    • soundbath says:

      Dear MsDylangirl,

      Apologies for only now responding here!

      Thank you so very much for stopping by, for listening to the programme and for taking the time to post such wonderful comments – I appreciate it enormously!

      It is wonderful indeed how we’ve all been united in our love for this astonishing artist and how our circle of friends are spreading like ripples in a pond throughout a world without boundaries – a testament to Adam’s shining example as an extraordinary human being as well.

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  3. Tatiana says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely program. It is heartwarming and thrilling to hear people who share my feelings about Adam Lambert. Tresspassing is brilliant. I understand what everybody says about it being cohesive. But I find it very exciting and remarkable that every song has its own sonic texture (quoting Adam), they are so different. He shows new colors ahd shapes (quoting you) of his voice in each song. And his phrasing and the way he pronounces every single sound is beyond amazing. Another remarkable thing about Adam is that you as a listener know that he means every word he sings, that it is coming from his heart.
    I new he could sing any style of music but I am completely gobsmacked by the way he sings funky songs. I adore Shady, Kickin’ In and Pop That Lock. Underneath stunned me to tears. Never heard him sound like this before. Nirvana leaves me breathless every time I hear it. The album version of OOL is so exquisite and haunting. Running is a very surprising track in the best possbile way. And I love another bonus track By The Rules – again something new and unexpected from Adam. Broken English is a gem. Well, I love the entire album. And I have to say that BTIKM fits beautifully in it. I liked it before, now I really love it.

    Absolutely can’t wai for your vocal review!!!

    xo Tatiana

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Tatiana,

      I LOVE your comments so much – thank you for posting here! I totally agree with you and I too love all the songs you’ve mentioned for much the same reasons. I also love MAP – it really grows on you and gets stuck in your head! 🙂

      What makes this album even more special is that each song is a little story in itself as well, with a beginning, a middle and an end and it’s all done so subtly and tastefully, it blows my mind!

      Well, by now you may already have read my vocal review – I hope you liked it!

  4. canadaluvsadam says:

    Thank-You Angelina not only for another remarkable program also for loving & getting Adam the same way so many of us do…Once again you tap deep into Adam’s heart and soul..It is so lovely hearing all of the UK fans share their stories about Adam their feelings about him and how he’s impacted their lives…There is one voice here I’m familiar with and it has brought tears to my eyes hearing her…I agree with what @dylangirl said…We are all connected through this common bond called Adam Lambert…Once again Thank-You Angelina and Thank-You UK fans for sharing ❤ ❤

    • soundbath says:

      Hi canadaluvsadam,

      How wonderful to find you here! Thank you so very much for your comments and compliments also!

      Yes, Adam Lambert is indeed a special artist with important messages in his songs and I love how he uses fun and humour to share those messages with his audience. I feel that’s partly what makes him so appealing to so many people around the world.

      It is wonderful indeed to find so many friends we didn’t know before and all because of Adam – what a gift quite apart from the wonderful music, right?

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