Adam Lambert’s Beautiful Voice

Picture provided by kind generosity of Diane White – please don’t copy without her permission.



Every now and then, the world is gifted an important musician and artist in a profound way, an artist who inspires, stimulates and fascinates us.These unusual human beings seem to find ways of cutting through all the clutter and to somehow invigorate the mundane in our lives to exciting, new ways of seeing the world and the possibilities we have in it. Their messages speak to us in a way that we can hear and absorb, and it transforms us. Their words and music touches our souls and their courage, determination and successes can prompt us to follow our own dreams, whatever they may be. Invariably, they become our legends.

Some legends such as Frank Sinatra, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Prince whose music and magic live on, even after their death, are still very much a part of our popular culture. For these legends, language held no barriers regardless of where in the world their listeners may have been. Their contributions made our world more colourful and vibrant, and without them, it would surely be a blander place to live. But from the outset of their careers, none of these artists could possibly have imagined the magnitude of their presence and to be one day classed as an icon. It’s often astonishing to learn of the struggle of these artists. Many, including David Bowie, Elvis and even the Beatles did not achieve immediate success.

Picture provided by kind generosity of Diane White – please don’t copy without her permission.

But we seem to recognise, from the outset, their otherness, their genius, their talent, their hard work, and we appear to crave their success on their behalf. Perhaps that is in part why they achieve it, eventually. Of course, we cannot dismiss their belief in themselves, their courage and the discipline it takes to put themselves in front of us in the first place, or their desire to succeed.

Lucky for us then, that one such artist, in the form of Adam Lambert, a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and actor, has creatively taken the music world by storm.

I first came across Adam a number of years ago whilst watching American Idol. From the moment I saw him and heard him sing, I knew I wasn’t alone in thinking that he was an exceptional musician and vocalist. Paula Abdul, one of the judges on the show was the first to voice what we were all thinking – Adam was going to be iconic. How right she was! Today, not only does he have a successful solo career, he is also the new front man for Rock Royalty, Queen.

Here’s a taste of him with Queen during their 2016 summer festival tour. This is Who Wants To Live Forever – it always gives me such chills! This song was suggested by Christine Smith, who many of you may know from the fan club, Atop and uploaded for our continued enjoyment by a fan called Kinkykiedis.

Please remember that the videos in this blog are mostly from live video footage taken by fans, and therefore the sound quality isn’t perfect, but you will still be able to hear Adam’s astonishing voice, his fantastic interpretations and how much fun we all had!For his millions of fiercely loyal fans around the world, it was gratifying, indeed, that the musical greats of our time have taken Adam under their wings too. As a result, he has worked with artists such as Pharrell Williams, Sam Sparrow, Max Martin, Shellback, Avicci, Lady Gaga, genius guitarist, Nile Rogers, and of course, Queen, among others. Everyone raves about Adam’s exceptional voice, his professionalism and the fact that he is a thoroughly nice guy to boot.

Listen to this to hear for yourself how phenomenal his voice really is. This song was again suggested by Christine Smith and brought to us by a fan called Riddle601b. This is Adam’s version of Jimmy Hendrix’s Red House:

I have seen Adam perform live as a solo artist and also a number of times with Queen, and all I can say to those music fans who have not yet experienced him, you’re in for a real treat either way. He is one of those artists who sound even better live than on any recordings. So, next time he’s performing near you, do yourself a favour and go see him live.

As a vocalist myself, I appreciate his voice, his level of vocal technique, and mastery greatly. Coupled with the fact that he is also one of the most exciting performers I have ever seen, makes following his career particularly enjoyable.
Fans of Adam Lambert know of his earlier operatic training, which had instilled good singing practice, a keen understanding of his vocal instrument, the proper use of his body’s muscles to support his breath and voice, and masterful phrasing and story telling skills. Years spent singing in musical theatre have honed Adam’s interpretative and communication skills, and his stage craft.  This, coupled with a sharp intellect and a seemingly sound intuition, has afforded him a uniquely expert way of interpreting songs. He seems to be able to sing any genre authentically from pop music to rock anthems and everything in between.

Christine Smith suggested this song as an example of how he traverses between genres. This is Whole Lot of Love Reggae style, brought to us by Libracats.

Earlier in 2016, I had the good fortune to hear him sing live in London during The Original High tour, in which he sang songs from his third successful album. I have seen him with Queen a number of times since, but last saw his solo performance in 2013 in Helsinki during a mini tour which his fans called the ‘We Are Glamily tour.’ This was in reference to his Glam Rock propensity.

In both of his solo shows, he sang songs from the albums he was promoting at the time, as well as some covers and of course Queen songs.
I absolutely adore his version of Queen’s Dragon Attack which I was happily surprised to be treated to in Helsinki. Here is Dragon Attack, brought to us by Kinkykiedis, and followed immediately by a song called Shady from his second album, Trespassing.

And this is Evil in the Night from London from his album, The Original High, suggested by Christine Smith and brought to us by Steph Gray.

What has fascinated me ever since I first came across Adam, is the question of what exactly makes his voice so different from other singers’? Why is it that I HAVE to listen to him almost daily? What is the pull? I have promised to dedicate a programme entirely to that question and will do so in due course. And I have previously answered elements of that question in other programmes and blogs, meanwhile, but recently, someone posed the question: is it merely a personal preference?

The answer is: No, actually, there are elements that stand out in his voice that simply isn’t there in others. I’ll come back to this a little later on.

First, here is one of my favourite songs from his second album, Trespassing, from which I have many favourites. This is one of the songs that demonstrates his artistry and the beauty of his voice. This is Underneath brought to us by ExcluAdamLambert:

As I said, I have been lucky enough to hear Adam sing live on a number of occasions and it is always a fantastic experience. He is a consummate and exciting performer and he always leaves you breathless and wanting more. And each time I experience him live, his voice sounds even better than the time before. It seems to be getting fuller, rounder, infused somehow with more dynamics, more harmonics and more overtones as time goes on. I can’t wait to hear what his voice will sound like when it fully matures in another few years from now, since the male voice doesn’t reach maturity until around 35 – 36 years of age.

But apart from his astonishing voice, Adam is a fearless performer. Not only is he fearless as far as his actual performances are concerned, but he is a fearless performer when it comes to singing as well. He is not afraid to really sing and by that I mean: he rarely over-sings or forces his voice, so all you hear from him is great singing. It takes enormous courage to sing as he does because he allows his voice to do what it does best and to convey every emotion and to implement every nuance he’s thinking of at the time. And I don’t mind admitting that I’m highly intrigued about what goes on in his mind while he’s performing! There is such intelligence and awareness in his eyes.

Let’s now listen to Adam’s version of Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night from an episode of Glee, brought to us by Heather Hodgeden. It’s a great example of those elements I’ve just mentioned:

So, I promised to take a look at a few of the elements that may explain why Adam’s voice is so astonishingly beautiful.

First of all, I feel anyone who has ever experienced him, would agree that he makes singing and performing seem effortless and easy. I can assure you, it is not. It is a measure of his artistry and comes from years of practicing notes, phrases and riffs over and over.

While it’s true that a well-trained singer, like Adam, develops a kind of awareness of sound that comes from sensations in the vocal tract, and vibrations of the bones of the head and the mouth, face, and body, Adam also seems able to do that one thing that makes all great singers great: he seems to acutely experience his voice’s effect on his audience. You may be forgiven for thinking that this is a common occurrence, but it is not. This awareness of sound by feel, rather than by auditory feedback, enables the singer to sing under almost any circumstances.

Picture provided by kind generosity of Shelley Naylor – please don’t copy without her permission.

This awareness of sound is crucial to good singing because optimum vocal resonance depends on it entirely, and is achievable only through the singer’s image of sound, together with what he senses when he makes that sound and where he places that sound. And because Adam places sound foremost in his mask (the little triangle that uses your top lips as the base, the sides of the triangle moving up on either sides of your nose until they meet at a point just above your eyebrows), it has the added benefit of creating not only a wonderful tone and timbre, but incredibly clear diction.

But there is one thing that always catches me off-guard whenever I hear Adam’s voice live as opposed to on a recording; it’s his pitch. It’s far higher live than it sounds on recordings. And for singers, pitch is mostly a perception of tone-colour rather than a mathematical element of vibrating frequencies measured in Hertz. But what this means for voice geeks like me, is that Adam’s vocal folds and vocalis must have the ability to lengthen and contract greatly in order to sing at such a high pitch so comfortably.

Listen to this song and you may appreciate his amazingly clear diction as well as how high his voice goes comfortably. This is Somebody to Love suggested by Christine Smith and brought to us by Merryl144.



Another element of Adam’s voice, which you will have clearly heard on Underneath, for example, and which fills me with excitement, is the fact that he uses vibrato, unlike many other pop singers today. It is one of the most important elements in creating pleasing flexibility, tenderness and richness to the tone of his voice. Without it, he will emulate the current popular singing style comprised of what we call ‘white’ sounds or straight sounds, which actually often sounds more like yelling or shouting than singing. But vibrato also does something else: apart from helping to create a wonderful tone and protecting the vocal instrument, vibrato also creates the illusion of a true pitch, which makes for interesting, energetic, effervescent and vibrant sounds.

Adam from Toni 3

Voice specialists tell us that a good singer will have an average vibrato of from 5 – 8 regular pulsations per second and I’m willing to bet that Adam’s vibrato adheres to that ideal too. Of course, he sometimes uses straight sounds too, but it’s very obvious he does so as a stylistic element only, and that he consciously chooses to do so, and not because it’s the only way he can sing, as it is for so many other pop and rock singers today.

Listen now to Adam singing the title track from his second album, Trespassing, brought to us by Kinkykiedis, and you’ll be able to hear what I’ve been talking about.

Another reason I feel Adam’s voice is so beautiful, is because he is able to produce sound of equal quality and intensity throughout his range. This is no mean feat: it is something singers work on their entire lives.

Here is a song I can’t resist playing for you because it’s so beautiful and demonstrates so many of the points I’ve raised about his voice. It’s Adam’s version of Stay by Rihanna, brought to us by Hermes K. This is the version he sang in Seoul, Korea in 2013.

I think you’ll agree that was breathtaking. Like all great tenors, Adam is able to really convey the emotion of the song and if you watch the YouTube video, you’ll notice that he is indeed wearing his heart on his t-shirt.

And that is what the human vocal instrument does, more than any man-made instrument: it touches our emotions, our hearts and our souls, and Adam’s voice seems particularly able to do so, more than any other I’ve experienced.

I always have enormous fun at Adam’s shows and Helsinki in 2013 was no exception, despite the freezing minus 20 degrees celcius conditions. But I wasn’t the only one. Two of Adam’s fans camped out for two nights in a row in the snow in front of the venue in order to get to a good spot from which to watch him. So, let me introduce Rosamari and Aliina from Finland. In a Skype chat with me, this is what they had to say:

Fans always travel to his concerts from all over the world, and the next young lady, Alba, a young medical doctor from Spain, chatted to me about her first live Adam Lambert experience:

Most of Adam’s fans are known to me only by their twitter and online names, so finally jeanjenie, as she is known on twitter, from London, another fan for whom Helsinki was a first, talked to me about her thoughts on Adam:

In London in 2016 Adam’s voice again seems to have grown even more in beauty and perhaps singing the challenging Queen repertoire had something to do with it?

I love this song, Runnin, from his second album, Tresspassing. Christine Smith likes it too, and suggested it. It was brought to us by Ki55andTELL, and if you continue to watch the video, you’ll also hear Chokehold and Sleepwalker.

Meanwhile I’ll continue to listen to the wonderful songs he leaves in his wake as his bright star continues to climb higher and higher. There will be many to choose from because Adam never stops working.

Thank you for visiting The Sound Bath. Until next time…


About soundbath

I loved singing from a very young age and first performed in public when just seven years old. As a child, living as we did, on a farm in the middle of the Kalahari Desert - the place of my birth - we had no television and my mother played records by Mario Lanza, Guiseppe Di Stephano, Beniamino Gigli, Franco Corelli, Jussi Bjorling, Enrico Caruso and other well-known Italian opera tenors, day in and day out. I adored this music and their beautiful voices, and was convinced I would be a tenor when I grew up. But the small matter of being born a girl, shattered that dream! I trained as a soprano instead, and have been fortunate enough to sing all over the world, enjoying some wonderful moments along the way, including being invited to Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of my contribution to the music, economy and culture of the UK.
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45 Responses to Adam Lambert’s Beautiful Voice

  1. Cameron Willson says:

    Angelina, sometime could you write on Adam’s interpretation of his amazing performance at Morongo Casino of Wicked Game? To me its as if his singing voice is no longer a voice, but an instrument- some kind of oboe or flute. I was Blessed to be there, and we all were transported to that magical place that only Adam can take us. Most of us were stunned into silence.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog, looking forward to more!
    I can’t post a link to the YouTube, but it’s easily found.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Cameron, thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments. OK, I promise I’ll have a look at Wicked Game next. I know exactly what you mean – I have been that stunned myself on numerous occasions as I experienced Adam’s voice. His voice has always been an instruments to me – the singing voice is the ultimate instrument, because it can do so many things man-made instruments simply cannot do. There are so many amazing instances when Adam’s voice just takes my breath away. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment here, Cameron and I promise to post more soon.

  2. Susie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. Apart from anything about Adam to which I am forever interested in, your ability, Angelina, to explain about how it all works is engaging and captivating. I was ‘hooked’ 7 years ago and don’t know why from all singers I have listened to over the years that Adam does something that no other has done. He touches me like noone else. But you explain this so beautifully as he has the same effect on you. Thank you so much for your blog and I await more in the future.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Susie, I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog post/videos. Thank you very much for your kind compliments – I appreciate it enormously! Yes, Adam is entirely unique, a one-off and I’m so grateful to be on the planet at the same time as him to experience it. I promise I won’t wait another four years before I blog about his voice again! 🙂 Thank you for your time.

  3. Angelina, thank you so much for this wonderful review of Adam’s voice and performance abilities. I first heard his Idol performances and have since become addicted to the extent that I HAVE to listen to some of his work every day before I can sleep and I have watched each of his TOH tour videos so often I can see them in my dreams. He is exceptional in talent and in the values he espouses — I love to listen to his interviews and his smile lights up my life every time I see it. Guess you can see I am a full-fledged addict and enjoy every minute of my obsession. May he thrive for many years to come.

    • soundbath says:

      Hello Carolyn, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you liked my blog post. I totally understand your obsession and share happily in it! 🙂 I’m sure he’ll thrive for many years to come and only get better and better. Thanks again for popping by.

  4. Eydie Harris says:

    Wow his was not only enjoyable, but also a learning experience! Adams voice, from day 1 touched my soul. I feel everything as if he is me! I can never get enough of Adam! May I suggest “Things I Didn’t Say” from TOH Tour USA, at Paramount Huntington NY? This was the only time Adam sang it live, and he sang it so sweet and tenderly. I felt like crying at the end, and almost feel like he wanted to also. My friend thanked him for singing it the next M&G and he said he wouldn’t be singing it again! I wonder if it was too sad for him. Thanks Angelina! Here is the link:

    • soundbath says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments, Eydie. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. Yes, I can totally relate to Adam touching your soul – it is a profound experience indeed to hear him singing live. Thank you for the link to “Things I Didn’t Say.” I’ll listen to it and see if there’s anything I could say about it. I wonder why he said he wouldn’t sing it again – intriguing! 🙂

  5. Thank you as always, it’s wonderful to have a scientific explanation as to why Adam melts me into a puddle of goo. It’s also comforting to know I’m not alone. 😉

    Every aspect of Adam taken by itself, is entertaining. His face and body have finally been recognized and he now is represented by a modeling agency. His interviews showcase his quit wit and ability to make any person asking him a question feel like they are the first to ask it. His heart and soul make him a great spokesman for any charity or cause and his everyday actions make him an inspiring role model. His stagecraft (as seen in your first video of “Who Wants to Live Forever”) allows him to give constant signals to sound people, acknowledge people in the crowd, interact with band mates, remember choreography, improvise and never miss a note when things happen performing LIVE.

    Although you say he doesn’t NEED the lights, costumes, props, choreography, designer clothes, makeup and multiple hair colors and styles, we must remember that not everyone in his audience is connected to his voice the way we are. We bring friends and spouses to the show and there are critics, entertainment writers and people who won tickets that may need some of that to enhance their experience. It makes his shows a COMPLETE sensory experience, not just a concert.

    I’m thrilled that he exists in my lifetime and that I’ve seen him multiple times and finally had my picture taken with him in March. And I forgot to mention, when you see him off the stage in person, he literally GLOWS. Someone needs to convince me he’s a mere human.

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Laurie, thanks for popping by and for your great comments. I agree with you: he is amazing and quite possibly not human. I’ve experienced that ‘glow’ you mention on numerous occasions, both on and off stage.

      I would just like to point out that it wasn’t actually me who said he didn’t need the lights, costumes, etc. It was jeanjenie when I interviewed her. I agreed with her because he has such an incredible presence, such an incredible charisma, such an incredible voice, that no matter what goes on around him on stage, most people focus on him completely and don’t notice any of those other things. Those things become either irrelevant or mere distractions, and not only for his fans. On many occasions non-fans have commented on the fact that they were unable to tear themselves away from him and didn’t even notice that there were singers or dancers on stage with him, much less a band. VERY few performers in the world can do that.

      I’m just so grateful that we’re able to experience him – imagine the synchronicity that took place for him to be in the world at the same time that we’re here – mindblowing! 🙂

  6. Ellen Wages says:

    I love following Adam, but have only done so since last November. I’m one who did not immediately recognize brilliance when I saw him on Americal Idol. And until last November I knew NOTHING about him – did not know he had a career, three albums, had performed in my city, fronted Queen, nothing. I accidentally found his Rock Big Ben NYE London photo, listened to him sing with Queen on YouTube, then listened to some interviews also on YouTube – and I was hooked. I have not missed a concert since Singapore, have been to 4 in person and got a meet & greet! He is warm and beautiful (and tall!) in person. Thank you for explaining and illustrating his wonderful voice. Your article is most interesting and educational. His singing is certainly what garnered him fame, but I would love him without it. He is so well spoken and genuinely a nice human – a roll model for anyone.

  7. needacoke says:

    Angelina, thank you so much for this wonderful blog. Your in-depth analysis is so interesting. I can never get enough of reading/hearing about Adam!

    • soundbath says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know you enjoyed the blog. Adam is quite a study! I’m wondering when there will be university degrees about him?

  8. Cassie says:

    Finally! A new blog about Adam! You write and talk about him with an authority and depth of knowledge no one else does. As an extraordinary singer and passionate artist, yourself, you “get” Adam at a very special level, I am putting this out to the universe….. YOU MUST INTERVIEW ADAM IN DEPTH ABOUT HIS VOICE, AND HOW HE FEELS WHEN HE SINGS. Universe, listen up! Make it happen!

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Cassie! Thank you so much for your kind words and compliments. AND for the missive to the universe – now that would be something, wouldn’t it? I can’t wait to hear all the juicy bits Adam might tell us in such an interview!

      Thanks again ever so much for your amazing help with choosing the videos that so perfectly demonstrated certain points I wanted to make about Adam’s voice. As always, it was a great pleasure working with you.

  9. Eliane de Mello says:

    Thank you for talking about who we love. ♥♥♥
    Can I share this post?

    • soundbath says:

      Hello Elaine, Thank you for stopping by. Yes, of course, please do. It takes a lot of work to put it together and I’d love for as many people as possible to read/listen to it. 🙂

  10. Renee Smeltzer aka sedonaBert62 says:

    What a perfectly brilliant article and videos! I thoroughly enjoyed this more than you’ll ever know! Thank you for posting this!

  11. Annie Baker says:

    Thank you so much for this interesting and informative piece. You mention listening to Mario Lanza, I too love his voice. My mother used to listen to him all the time, the emotion and power in his voice always brought me to tears. In Adam I felt the same kind of pull, from the moment I heard him on AI I just felt there was something unworldly about him. I agree to hear him live is to experience his vocals on a whole different level.In times of sadness and great joy in my life I have found his music to be my go to place. Long may he continue to inspire and delight us

    • soundbath says:

      Hello Annie, I’m delighted that you enjoyed the blog – thank you for letting me know. Yes, there is something about the tenor voice which connects and resonates with us perhaps more than another voice type. It is something that has always fascinated me. Adam’s voice is the highest tenor voice there is and very rare, so perhaps that is another reason why his voice touches us so profoundly.

      “Long may he continue to inspire and delight” indeed!

  12. m45maia says:

    Thank you for your intelligent cogent discussion of Adam’s voice. We know on an emotional level how moving his voice is, but it is very interesting to have you analyze his voice technically.
    Thank you for your effort and time.

    • soundbath says:

      Hello m45maia, thank you very much for your comments – I’m so pleased that you found the blog interesting. The human voice is such an incredible instrument and Adam’s voice is particularly exceptional. I feel that when we understand what he’s actually doing, the degree of awe increases a thousandfold!

  13. pattygale says:

    I’ve been to many of Adam’s shows, GNT , TOH, QAL. I can add nothing to your wonderful blog except that after hearing Adam most other vocalists sound limited, no depth, little range, and unengaged. He is an amazing talent and a wonderful man.

  14. Nica says:

    Thank you so much for taking your time to not only write this amazing article but to interview the fans as well! Your professional analysis is a gift to us and the personal stories are precious! I also want to thank the interviewees for sharing their experiences , Christine Smith for helping you with the wonderful video selection and of course everyone who recorded them!

    • soundbath says:

      Hello Nica, thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments – I appreciate it enormously. Yes, I’m lucky that the Glamberts are so wonderful and generous with their time to give us all great insights and opportunities to blog about Adam’s voice in this manner.

  15. Angela says:

    Angelina, thank you so much for your wonderful words. Adam touches me and so do your words touch me very deep inside. You have a wonderful ability to put in words how I feel and give it even more meaning. I am looking forward to reading more. Have a wonderful day!

    • soundbath says:

      Hi Angela, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely message – I deeply appreciate it. There are many previous blogs about Adam’s voice – if you haven’t read/listened to them yet, you may wish to do so while I ponder the next one meanwhile! 🙂 You too, have a great day and thank you again.

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  17. rameine says:

    Thank you so much for all your Adam posts. They give an eloquent, insightful, and knowledgeable voice to some of my own thoughts. I hope we’ll get to see your post on What Makes Adam’s Voice Different soon, because that is the big question for me. I wonder it every time I hear him sing, and even more when I watch him.

  18. Stardustpf says:

    Thanks for a great article about Adam and his voice. He had me the first time he opened his mouth and sang on American Idol and his song vibrated inside of me and left me breathless. I have never been a fan of any other like I am for him!!!

  19. Sarah-Jane says:

    Hi, I am wondering if you could write about the song can’t let you go by Adam lambert, one of my many favourite songs :).

    Thank you.


  20. rpeura says:

    Angelina, Thank you very much for your wonderful blog! You said it so beautifully. I have participate 5 Adam’s solo shows and 5 QAL shows and I can’t get enough 🙂 Fortunately QAL Helsinki is waiting for me 19.11.2017. I agree wholeheartedly with Paula Abdul’s comment – “Adam will be iconic”.

  21. Gilda Lee says: Please watch this live performance of Adams Outlaws of Love……it is amazing! Also, I love your critiques of Adam, they are so spot on!

  22. Respected Ma’am, I’m really happy to see this page. Adam is really one of my heroes and idols. I’ve been learning Indian Classical music since 8, I’m 20 now. I want to learn to sing like Adam , but don’t know how! Is there anything that I can do to improve my voice. Its really my dream to become one of the best singers in the world, and I want to achieve it and I want to meet Adam by becoming a great singer, of course I will never have a voice like him. But still what can I do to at least improve my voice? It will be really helpful if you can help me a little, I’d be really happy!!! Thanks for this beautiful article and I started to post on Youtube because Adam inspired me!!! Much Love!!!

  23. Janie Storey says:

    i know that it’s 2018 and I am reacting to Adam Lambert voice and how it effects you. Let me say that the first time I saw read SoundBath and what it was about I loved it. I love how you talk about his voice and the tech part about it as well as how beautiful it sound. Yes, I saw him on American Idol and he was great especially when he came down those stairs and that note he held at the end of Feeling Good. As years went on I lost him but I found him again and it has been non stop. I first saw him live at an fest show then at his Original High Tour he blew me away and I knew then I had to see him again no matter where. Then with Queen and that was just the icing on the cake, I am a fan for life of Adam because he sings and performs like no other and to that I want to say Thank-You, Adam coming from one of your many diverse fan.

  24. Ann says:

    I don’t normally remark on people’s looks because the talent, the heart & soul are what have meaning. Adam Lambett s voice lifts me up daily as I always END my day with several of my favorite performances. BUT, the picture at the beginning of this article provided by Diane White is stunning!!!! Thank You for sharing!!!!

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