Adam Lambert, Queen Frontman

I had the privilege to see Adam Lambert perform with Queen at their last show in 2017 in Birmingham. Although I’d seen them a number of times over the years, this was a particularly unforgettable experience. But I wasn’t alone. Many fans saw the show and it is my absolute pleasure, honour and delight to talk with one such fan. Christine also happens to know a thing or two about Adam’s voice.

What follows are seven short parts of a discussion we had on Skype. The quality is not studio quality, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the content and want to participate in our discussion. Please, therefore, feel free to let us know your thoughts.

All the pictures were provided by the kind generosity of Diane White – please don’t copy without her permission.

Part 1

Part 2

Brian Singing Love of My Life in Birmingham – kindly provided by Christine and by courtesy of orlandy101 who filmed it.

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Adam singing Who Wants To Live Forever in Helsinki – kindly provided by Christine and by courtesy of HusariaAgatka who filmed it.

And here is the encore from Glasgow with golden cape and full attitude – again, provided by Christine and by courtesy of ronnie mcguigan who filmed it.


About soundbath

I loved singing from a very young age and first performed in public when just seven years old. As a child, living as we did, on a farm in the middle of the Kalahari Desert - the place of my birth - we had no television and my mother played records by Mario Lanza, Guiseppe Di Stephano, Beniamino Gigli, Franco Corelli, Jussi Bjorling, Enrico Caruso and other well-known Italian opera tenors, day in and day out. I adored this music and their beautiful voices, and was convinced I would be a tenor when I grew up. But the small matter of being born a girl, shattered that dream! I trained as a soprano instead, and have been fortunate enough to sing all over the world, enjoying some wonderful moments along the way, including being invited to Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of my contribution to the music, economy and culture of the UK.
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10 Responses to Adam Lambert, Queen Frontman

  1. needacoke says:

    Great job, ladies! And you too, Adam!

    • soundbath says:

      Thanks very much for popping by, needacoke! I really appreciate it and of course, you’re right: without Adam none of this would be here and none of us would probably ‘know’ each other!

  2. There is no one blessed with vocal ability and stage presence like Adam Lambert. The cruel pop world doen’t appreciate talent like this…..I will forever follow wherever Adam’s voice takes him. I don’t listen to pop music and I am shocked at what the world thinks is good music…

  3. Thanks Angelina for the wonderful article on Adam. You have always been a true fan of this amazing person.

    • soundbath says:

      Thanks very much for your lovely comments, Janet. You’re right: I have been an admirer of Adam’s awesome talent since I first saw him on American Idol nine years ago. He is truly a once in a lifetime artist and I’m so glad I’m around at the same time he is to experience him.

  4. lauriellenw says:

    I was so excited when I saw an email that there was a new SOUNDBATH post. Every minute of this conversation was fascinating to me. I watched part of the Grammys last night and kept lamenting that there was no Adam, a man who deserves to be there and getting multiple awards. I really wish Adam had more commercial success so more people would be exposed to him.

    You talked about him doing musical theater and I’m still holding out hope that he will be cast as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, airing on Easter.

  5. Sarah-Jane 10 says:

    I enjoyed the post cast :), today I searched for queen + Adam lambert song reactions and I found this one which I thought was interesting :).

    Here is the link
    Queen + Adam Lambert – Who Wants To Live Forever REACTION – YouTube

  6. Sarah-Jane 10 says:

    Hi, this is not related to Adams music or queen, this is a utube video of Adam painting, what can’t he do? :).

  7. lauriellenw says:

    As usual, fascinating stuff. In part two, the discussion about being an artist vs. the business, I really hope he has enough money that he can just let loose and do what he wants. I wish “2 FUX” was still in the show. It was 100% Adam.

    I’m looking forward to the Vegas shows. I’m going on Sept. 14th.

  8. lauriellenw says:

    In part 6, at about 2:40, you explain why we can go to the same show over and over and when it’s over, want to see it again. My husband always asks why I want to go to the shows multiple times and I say it’s because it’s always a little bit different. I have trouble trying to explain it. The songs are always the same words, in the same order, same lights, same spot on the stage, etc. But that is when we get to experience Adam’s “art.”

    I’m an artist. And when I was in grade school going to art classes on Saturday instead of watching cartoons like the other kids, I was taught that to bring out the creativity in an artist, you don’t tell them to draw “anything.” You tell 100 artists to draw a can opener riding on a horse and only use your purple and green crayons and you will have 100 completely different drawings. So the more confined Adam is to all the things in the show, the more we get to experience his artistry.

    We are so blessed to get to experience him in our lives. ❤

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